Your Favorite Tea Could be Toxic!

Tea drinkers, listen up!

Tea is only healthy if it's made the right way. Which means many of you are most likely sipping on a nice hot cup of... plastic. Or pesticides. Or both.

Get the full scoop here + see how your fave tea brands stack up. 


Top 10 Store Bought Body Scrubs

Myth buster: even if you have DRY skin, exfoliation is a MUST to keep it smooth + clear! 

But no matter the skin type, scrubs with micro-beads are ALWAYS a no no. Which, trust me, you won't even miss after you see the results from these NATURAL store bought scrubs! Easy, breezy, healthy, glow.


New Secret Ingredient for Celeb Hair Care (+ it's Natural!)

The launch of EcoBabe is FINALLY here! And I really can't think of a better way to kick things off than with a blog about my new favorite hair care line, Windle & Moodie!! 


DIY Steam Facial for Problematic Skin


Whether it's your T-Zone that needs help or your respiratory system, the magic to healing BOTH of these... is in your kitchen.




Every hour, 1.6 MILLION tons of waste gets dumped into the ocean. 80% of our closets are made by girls who are impoverished + often times abused. Candles + scented sprays can cause cancer + birth defects. GMO's can result in organ damage + infertility. The list goes on.

And now, it's TIME. Time to open your eyes because all of this is happening. It's all around you. 

GOOD NEWS: there IS something you can do about it. And it's actually easy. Here, in an article for Beyond the Interview, I lay out ten simple ways to be Eco. They don't take a lot of effort, but they DO have major payoff. For you, your family + our planet. 

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welcome to ecobabe!

it's easy to be eco. and you don't have to compromise your style (because who likes compromise). you just need to know where to start...

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