Biodegradable Sneakers Are Here + They're CUTE.

I got word a while ago that there was a biodegradable sneaker on the horizon... and finally, IT. IS. HERE. 

Even better... can you believe how CHIC these sneaks are?! Mind blown. 

AND BUCKLE UP because we get to give a pair of these innovative shoes to one of you!! HELLO GIVEAWAY.


How I Cut my Food Waste in HALF.

Every year, the United States chucks nearly 40 percent of its food. And most of this waste, is fruits + vegetables. 

But you don't have to be that wasteful... here's how you can be healthy, resourceful + G2G instead!

PS this is the best kitchen tip I can give.


3 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair.

HEADS UP! As much as we lovvvve our summer sun, our summer FUN can take a serious toll on our hair.

But with these 3 products, no matter your hair type, your locks will look gorg all summer long.


Greening up Your Diet for the Foodie.

You don't have to sacrifice taste for low cal, vitamin rich food. And you DON'T have to eat salads. 

THIS my babes, is how I sneak greens into my diet as a total FOODIE.




Every hour, 1.6 MILLION tons of waste gets dumped into the ocean. 80% of our closets are made by girls who are impoverished + often times abused. Candles + scented sprays can cause cancer + birth defects. GMO's can result in organ damage + infertility. The list goes on.

And now, it's TIME. Time to open your eyes because all of this is happening. It's all around you. 

GOOD NEWS: there IS something you can do about it. And it's actually easy. Here, in an article for Beyond the Interview, I lay out ten simple ways to be Eco. They don't take a lot of effort, but they DO have major payoff. For you, your family + our planet. 

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welcome to ecobabe!

it's easy to be eco. and you don't have to compromise your style (because who likes compromise). you just need to know where to start...

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