welcome to ecobabe.

where we go green. in style.


ecobabe. is for the badass girl of today. She likes beauty + fashion. She follows all the right IG accounts. She likes a good cocktail on the weekend + a skinny latte during the week. She does it all, in her own crazy way. But. She hurts for her loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer. She knows children shouldn't have to live with conditions like asthma. She's appalled at the state of our environment. And she's tired of seeing even more animals become extinct. And because of all this, she's very interested in health + wellness. So she checks out ecobabe., where she finds relatable ways to keep her family healthy + herself on trend. She loves that everything is easy to find under ecobeauty, ecobody, ecobaby + ecobasics (for her home). And there's not a teva nor tie dye in sight. So, she keeps coming back for more...


and that's where I come in.

hi babes!


I’m Monica. And I grew up on a farm in Michigan where I learned to love animals, gardening, and baking. My mom and dad also made  our food from scratch - even our condiments! So my background is all very Eco.

Growing up, I was always a little mama, especially when my little brother was born. I've always had a special adoration for where I come from. But I also always knew that there was more out there for me.

So after taking up modeling, and an almost-move to Los Angeles, I dragged my ass to college. I studied Biological Anthropology at University of Michigan (side note: I still plan to save the apes one day). And then, I followed the guidance of an esteemed professor to a more prosperous career: Interior Design. But after graduating from Western Michigan University and working as an eco-friendly Interior Designer in London, England and eventually LA, I realized something. I just couldn't shake my love for being in front of the camera.

So, while designing projects like upscale, eco-nurseries for my clients, I’ve also completed four years of advanced classes with Marki Costello at Become A Host, Hollywood's premier hosting academy. I've reported on rounds of red carpets. And for two years, I headed up ModaMob News, a fashion + beauty channel for AOL. I was ModaMob’s Writer, Producer, and Host and my proudest Mob Moment was receiving over 4 million views on a Kate Middleton 'Dress for Less' video. I still hold the company record! I’m also proud of the Pub 4 Grub. In 2014, I co-chaired and hosted the 1st Annual Casamigos Tequila Pub 4 Grub, where we raised 42,000 meals for the LA Regional Food Bank! And now, that number has more than doubled!! The possibilities of giving back via my hosting career are endless and I’m definitely planning on making a difference.


Now, I'm getting back to my roots and hoping this difference will come by way of ecobabe. My biggest dream is help spread the word that it's actually pretty easy to be eco. And hopefully one day soon, more + more people will take part. Now, I know that I'm not going to cure cancer or save palm plantations or sort out autism. But. If I can help people put less chemicals in and onto their bodies to save just one individual, if I can bring awareness to major environmental issues to save just one ape, if I can explain how things like in utero plastic intake has been linked to autism to save just one child, then I'll have done my job. 

I have a voice. I've never been afraid to use it. And now, with a little help from my friends, I also have a platform.

I'm planning on making a difference. And it'd be even sweeter if we could make that difference, together. 

Thanks for reading. X