Chic Sustainable Stocking Stuffers.


What I love most about the Holidays, is all the traditions. For a lot of us, the Holidays just wouldn’t be the same without them.

One of my family’s traditions is all about the stockings…

Here’s what happens every single year: My mom hangs our stockings (we’ve had them since the 80’s) on the downstairs fireplace. Then on Christmas morning, AFTER we’ve opened gifts (one by one by the way) + attended Mass + had a breakfast feast… THEN we get to open our stockings.

We file downstairs, hand out our stockings + take a comfy seat on the couch. Then we go one by one (again), pulling out + announcing our stocking gifts. It’s how we tie up our Christmas with a pretty little bow. It’s SO fun!! And honestly, sometimes stockings hold even better, more meaningful gifts than the ones under our tree.

So. Since stockings are so significant to me + since they’re a blast to shop for… I thought I’d curate a gift guide for you babes on stocking stuffers. All sustainable (+ stylish) of course!!

These naturally chic gifts range in price from just $10 to $100. So, if you need gift ideas in GENERAL for smaller gifts, gifts for girlfriends, gifts for bosses, etc… look no further. I’ve got ya covered.

There’s definitely something for EVERY babe on THIS list 🖤

See below to shop + find out why I’m obsessed with each item!



I use this vegan brush all the time in for my face, neck + chest. It gives you the same gentle exfoliating effect as a washcloth, without the hassle of having it look crusty when it dries lol This ergonomic brush is for all skin types.

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I swear by these online pilates classes, especially for travel. All you need is a mat + a screen. They’re for all ages, all levels + the instructor honestly makes you feel like you’re in a private session. BONUS: use code ECOBABE15 for 15% off a monthly gift card + code ECOBABE30 for 30% a yearly gift card. There’s nothing better than the gift of health.

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These are the longest wearing, non-toxic polishes on the market! Everyone I know who wears them will never wear anything else. Like, I bring my own Zoya polishes to my nail salon. Also, each bottle is named after a person. So this year, I bought my sister + mom shades in all of our names! Natural namesakes — the cutest!

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This brand is my absolute fave for organic cotton basics. They offer hoodies to leggings to socks!! All items are produced in fair trade factories, workers + farmers are treated ethically + the price points are unbeatable. And I think you’ll agree, these cozy socks step away from the usual Holiday cheekiness + right into your instagram feed.

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Reusable straws are all the rage right now (as they should be) + what’s more awesome than having one with YOUR name on it? Don’t be fooled by the glass either. I have every type of straw + prefer these glass ones for drinks like my morning coffee. The straw doesn’t get hot. And cleaning-wise, glass straws make the most sense because you can actually SEE if the inside of the straw is clean.

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I’m obsessed with gifting these handcrafted, small business bangles. They’re stamped with customized coordinates to whichever place is special to your loved one. They come in all different metal choices + I’m telling you, when I gifted the rose gold bangle to my bestie with the coordinates of where she got engaged, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

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Speaking of customization, these soy based candles are stamped with a name + date + this one smells like Palo Santo. I’ve been really into using Palo Santo lately. It’s a sacred wood for clearing spaces of bad energy + misfortune. And I LOVE that it comes in candle form. I also love the simple aesthetic + the fact that you can reuse the glass!

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I just started using these lip oils + I can’t say enough good things. They’re uber moisturizing + melt right into your lips, which makes them ideal for these winter months. They’re also super easy to apply. The color range is beautiful + they smell like peppermint, which is perfect for Christmas! And even better, the peppermint serves as a natural lip plumper!

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You know I’m ALL about my mists. And this one is my holy grail. Not only does this revitalizing spray hydrate your skin, wake you up + set your makeup, but it also PLUMPS your skin. Oh, + it smells like a peony garden + it’s non-toxic + it looks gorg on any vanity. This mist is more luxe, which is why it makes the perfect gift.

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Synthetic fragrance can cause MAJOR health issues (like fertility ones). This is why you HAVE to go for natural perfumes. But you know at eb. we don’t do hippie dippie. Which is why these roll-on fragrances totally fit the bill. They last, they’re refillable, they go right into your purse + this scent is to-die (smells like Dolce + Gabbana Light Blue). Every time I use it, I always get asked what I’m wearing.

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Shopping can be super stressful, so I hope I’ve checked some babes off your list! If you have any questions about these items, please comment below — + I’d love to hear about your own Christmas traditions!

Sending you love, peace + joy this Holiday season.

Thank you for being an ecobabe + for spreading health + wellness with these chic, sustainable gifts! Merry Christmas X

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