PSA: Lubes Can Lead to STI's


If you're a woman + you're sexually active, this is V. IMPORTANT. I may have just cracked the code on any discomfort down there... and surprisingly, it has to do with your LUBE. 

Here's what you need to know to keep your cookie content. 

We're so careful about what we ingest, what we eat, what we rub on our skin... we want all good for you, all organic, right? But what we often overlook is the biggest mucus membrane of our whole body. This means it absorbs the QUICKEST + the MOST. We need to be careful with our vaginas, too. 

Lubes are important to avoid any discomfort during sex. But. All lubes are NOT created equal. 


First of all, silicone + water based lubes can damage vaginal + rectal tissue, increasing the risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections. But that's not all...

Flavored lubes contain sugar + most lubes in general contain glycerin. Both, can cause yeast infections! This is getting worse huh. 

ALSO, lubes that contain those fun sweet scents... TOSS THEM. They can result in Urinary Tract Infections, which is not sweet. At all. 

And finally, many lubes contain parabens. Even those ones that say 'hypoallergenic' 'fragrance + dye free', etc. etc. Methylparaben is used as a preservative in lube. But in humans, it can cause endocrine (hormone) disruption + it's been linked to breast cancer tumors.



No, I'm not cheering. I'm telling you to pick up a bottle of Woo!!! So I guess now I AM cheering for you lol.


Woo is an all-natural love oil made with only 4 ingredients -- raw, REAL ingredients. IT WON'T MESS WITH YOUR Ph BALANCE. And no parabens! Or sulfates, silicone or phthalates. It's also cruelty free, made in the USA + it's edible. YOU GUYS IT TASTES LIKE CAKE.

OK so let's talk about these ingredients for a sec.

1. Virgin Coconut Oil: free from harmful chemicals + kills BACTERIA (bye bye UTI’s) + increases sex drive

2. Vanilla: improves mood + soothes inflammation

3. Beeswax: promotes relaxation + hydrates

4. Stevia: full of antioxidants + zero calorie sweetener that does NOT cause yeast infections


So why not just use the jar of coconut oil you have in your kitchen? First of all, WOO has the perfect consistency. Feels like a water based lube, without the stickiness of a water based lube. And secondly, you're getting that fun taste + smell WITH all those added benefits we just talked about above. 

And here's the important thing... because Woo comes with no side effects, yet tastes yummy, feels yummy + lasts longer without reapplication (WOMEN IN MENOPAUSE THAT'S FOR YOU), you can use it ANYWHERE. On anything. Anytime you want.

And you don't have to worry about hiding it. This bottle is chic + inconspicuous. 


So, GO HAVE FUN. But be safe. Make sure you're getting into bed with Woo. X

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** Don't use Woo with latex condoms. Coconut oil breaks latex down, which can cause breakage. Pick up polyurethane condoms instead. **

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**  This is a sponsored post. But I stand behind Woo + love it. **