Life Hack: How to be Happy Every Damn Day.


Growing up on a farm in the country, my mom always had fresh flowers on the kitchen table + sprinkled throughout the house. Fast forward to 25 years later, I'm the exact same way. 

But. I get that flowers (especially nice ones) cost money. In the country, there's free flowers everywhere. They're just a stone's throw away from your front door. But in the city, you can't just go outside + pick your blooms for free. City flowers cost money. But trust me, budgeting for bouquets is worth it - there's a SCIENCE behind it. And it happens to be one of my biggest LIFE HACKS. Here's why:


Not only do freshly cut blooms put the finishing touch on any space by bringing the outside in, but they also boost your mental +  behavioral health!!

✖️ A Rutgers University study found that having flowers in your home increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety + can even step up your emotional contact with friends + family.

(It's true! as soon as I planted our atrium with flowers, I hosted a dinner. I immediately felt like our home was way more inviting.)

✖️ A Harvard University study found that flowers boost compassion, feeling less negative + they give you MORE ENERGY AT WORK. 

✖️ More specifically, Texas A & M University found that flowers in the workplace improve problem solving skills + increase creativity. 

(This is a big one for me. I always have flowers in my office! In fact, I couldn't even write this blog until I placed a vase on my desk.)



Now, what are the best ways to incorporate flowers into your home? 

FARMER'S MARKETS. These bouquets are way cheaper than you'll find at your local grocery store. Unless you can cut a deal with a local florist. 

If you can't partner up with a florist, find a farmer's market where you can develop a relationship with the farmer. Once he/she knows you'll be back each week for a bouquet, those discounts will start rolling in. At my Sunday farmers market, I can score 3 bouquets for $12. And they last ALL week. Sometimes even two. 

That being said, if you're more of a deliver to your door kinda girl, check out Bouqs. They're my fave flower company (ecofriendly!) + they even have a subscription service. If this is speaking more your language, here's a 25% off coupon :)


Either way, here's how you should decorate with your new spray: 

✖️ For placement, set up your bouquets where you'll see + smell them the MOST. Meaning, be sure to place them in rooms where you spend the most time.

✖️ For color, that depends on which room you'll be adding your flowers. Think about the vibe you want to attain in that room. If you want a relaxing, calm atmosphere, choose soft, pastel or neutral flowers. And if you want to feel energized + happy, choose bright, vibrant colors! 

✖️ For type, this differs for EVERYONE. Often times, certain flower breeds drum up certain memories for people. So choose whichever type of flower that brings you joy + associates those good times. 


ASIDE FROM ALL OF THIS... we all know that self love is V. important. Capital V. 

We purchase bouquets for family + friends all the time as gifts + acts of love right? Well, why don't we offer that same love to ourselves? By sending flowers to yourself, you're treating yourself kindly. Showing appreciation for YOU.

And since you're here + you're an ecobabe, I can guarantee... you deserve it. I know my Babes. X

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