Green Smoothie Recipe for Glowing Skin.


Hi Babes! Ok I'm loving sharing these recipes with you, so please let me know if you like my spin on these recipes, or if you'd like to see something else on the blog. 

I'm hoping you love these food shares as much as I do. SO. I wanted to show you my go-to smoothie situation. It's green, it's really good for you, it fills you up between meals + it's packed with antioxidants + vitamins for your skin + hair!! It's also super refreshing for this heat wave we've been trying not to pass out in. 

Here are the specifics on this smoothie: 

✖️ Decreases inflammation

✖️ Supports cell turnover

✖️ Builds collagen

✖️ Fights free radicals + environmental damage

✖️ Repairs damaged skin

✖️ Increases UV protection

✖️ Maintains elasticity

✖️ Hydrates + brightens from within

So what does this all translate to? 


Did I mention it's also great for your hair? It strengthens + hydrates your strands with every sip. 

It's also delish + I often crave this smoothie for a mid afternoon pick-me-up!!


So without further ado, here is my GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE (make sure you pack your blender in this order):

✖️ 1.5 cup filtered water

✖️ a few big handfuls of organic greens -- romaine + spinach + kale -- whichever combo you'd like 

✖️ 1 peeled organic banana

✖️ 1 scoop protein powder (you don't have to include protein powder. I love it because it keeps me full longer)

✖️ 1 scoop collagen powder

✖️ 2 sticks of organic celery

✖️ 1/2 organic apple (green apples have less sugar)

✖️ 1/2 organic avocado 

✖️ 1/2 peeled organic lemon


If you'd like like your smoothie to be colder, add a few ice cubes. 

This recipe yields 2 full glasses. Which I love for on-the-go because I cover 1 glass + keep it in the fridge until I need it next. You can store your extra smoothie for 2 days. 


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Let me know what you think of this smoothie! I always feel so healthy after drinking it. Especially on those days when you're craving vitamins + minerals, like after a late night Chick-fil-A stop LOL

Thanks for being here + please tag me in your smoothie pics! Would love love love to see X 

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