3 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair.


HEADS UP! As much as we lovvvve our summer sun, our summer FUN can take a serious toll on our hair. UV rays are closer, heat is at an all time high + you're literally diving into chlorine or swimming into salt all summer long. So naturally, our HAIR usually pays the price... unless you know how to take care of it, that is.

Here, my babes, is how to keep your locks looking gorg this summer without taking away all that fun. And it all has to do with your PRODUCTS. 



No matter your hair type, your hair needs hydration, just like your skin. And exposure to all those summer elements can quickly deplete your hair of its much needed moisture. So, pick up a hair moisturizer. These are basically like leave-in conditioners to restore your hair's softness + shine while eliminating frizz. But unlike a leave-in conditioner, these hair moisturizers are still style-able, they're super lightweight + you can't tell they're in your hair. You can use them ALL throughout the day, whenever your hair feels thirsty.

Oribe's Moisturizing Cream is a cult fave but since we like to keep it clean at ecobabe, my ultimate fave hair moisturizer is by Windle & Moodie. (Plus for me, this one works better than Oribe's!) WAM is a celebrity haircare company based in London, loved by IT girls like Kate Moss. And they're natural!!! And this Invisible Day & Night Cream is ALWAYS in my purse, ALWAYS in my bathroom drawer (I have 2). 

Bonus: this cream also includes a UV filter + works wonders for both fine + thick hair. 



The key to avoiding dry, brittle hair lies in the hydration, just like we talked about above. But there IS one more thing you can do to save your summer hair, in addition to your daily leave-in cream. And that's.... a MASK. 

I mask every Sunday in the summer. Hair masks are much like face masks, except I like to leave mine in for longer periods of time. After I shower, I massage a hair mask all over my head, then put my hair into a Sleep Bun. You can also use a shower cap, but since I like to leave my mask in overnight, I prefer the Sleep bun because you can't feel it while sleeping. Then, I wash my mask out in the morning. 

Go here for the Sleep Bun. I do this every night + it will change your hair game in general.  


Now, which hair mask do I use? ANY OF THEM. They all generally work. You can also DIY your own hair mask, but TBH I like to have a little tub of product in my cabinet that I can quickly pull out whenever I need it. It's just easier that way. 

BONUS: if you're rocking a sleek top knot or low bun, it's a great time to mask. There's been many a time I've stepped out with a hair mask in. It actually gives you that sleek, wet look when your hair is (gently) pulled back into a bun. 

These are some of the masks that I love + rotate from time to time: 



Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from environmental aggressors. If you think about it, your scalp is literally an extension of your skin. So, you NEED to protect your hair + scalp from sun exposure. This will really help with that whole 'hydration' thing, too. And it makes your color last longer! So, the best way to do that (in addition to wearing a hat), is with a UV protection spray. AKA sunblock for your hair. 

Unlike spraying your hair with SPF made for your skin, these HAIR SPF's are weightless, water proof + won't mess up your hair. One even doubles as dry shampoo: 


My all time fave hair sunscreen that quadruples as a frizz fighter, shine inducer, conditioner and detangler, is Bare Republic's 5-in-1 mist. I use it all the time. And if you've seen my video about the best multitasking SPF's you need in your beauty routine, then you know what I'm talking about. And you can shop this hair savior here: 


Three hair products... that's all it takes to keep your mane moisturized, healthy + IG worthy all summer long. 

ONE MORE TIP: we all love that just-rolled-off-the-beach look, too. So. Do NOT wash your hair every single day. This will help keep your locks hydrated. And on your 'off' days, use a sea salt or wave spray for that beachy look. Run a curling iron through a few chunks of hair + bam... mermaid status. 


Let me know which product you love the most, + if you have any questions or suggestions for blog posts (YOU REQUESTED THIS ONE ~ THANK YOU), comment below. Happy Summer X

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