Get the Best Lips of Your Life: Interview with Sara Happ + Giveaway.


OK I am soooo excited because well wait… first of all,

Happy Valentine’s Day Babes!

Second of all, I just landed a little interview with THE Sara Happ. Do you know her? You’ve probably seen her products on many a beauty shelf, as well as in the hands of It Girls like Kendall Jenner. I love her Lip Slip (gorg glosses that come in the prettiest nudes) + totally think of Sara as the GURU of luscious lips.

I should also mention that Sara Happ is cruelty free, made in the USA, naturally flavored + is wrapped in eco-friendly packaging produced in a carbon neutral plant that uses sustainable practices. (DEF blowing a kiss to that!!)

And how ideal — talking the perfect pout with Sara Happ on Valentine’s Day!

** FYI: There’s a giveaway at the end that you won’t want to miss!

I know many of you babes live in the cold + snow, which can take a major toll on your lips, leaving them chapped + even cracked. Plus, I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries regarding winter lip care. So when I sent Sara my questions, I couldn’t wait to get her answers to having the ultimate kisser. Here’s what she said:

♡ What are the steps to getting the perfect pout?

There are two simple steps: exfoliate and hydrate. Every. Single. Day. Consistency is key. I've used my Lip Scrub and Lip Slip every day for over a decade and I don't even remember what chapped lips feel like. Then there are other fun additions like our Sweet Clay Lip Mask that can be used when you need an extra dose of hydration. And you can't go wrong with a fun pop of color! 

♡ What is the ideal way to exfoliate your lips + how many times a week should you do so?

Our Lip Scrub is so gentle you can use it every day. We recommend scrubbing lips as often as needed, and especially prior to lipstick/lip gloss application. We have some customers who Scrub every morning before they do their makeup, and others Scrub every night before bed. That's why we just launched the Sweet Dreams Lip Kit so you can Scrub, Mask, and use our night cream for your lips, The Dream Slip. 

♡ What are the best ingredients to look for in a lip exfoiator?

I mixed the Lip Scrub up in my kitchen in 2005 using products I found at the grocery store! Jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sugar help to gently exfoliate that dead layer of gray skin off of your lips, revealing your beautiful, natural lip color. 

♡ Should you be wearing product on your lips at all times? If so, which product do you recommend for night time?

It really depends on what you prefer! I'm obsessed with lip products (obviously!), so I always have at least our Lip Slip on. Customers were asking for a version of the Lip Slip without any shine that they could wear to bed, so we did them one better (with the Dream Slip) and removed the shine plus added extra hydrating ingredients and chamomile for a great overnight experience. You wake up with the lips of your dreams! 

♡ How does lip care differ from winter to summer?

Harsh cold wind whipping against your face can be really tough on lips, but so can dry summer weather. The key is to prevent either season from hurting your lips by Scrubbing and Slipping every day year-round. 

Ahhh isn’t she the best? I didn’t know you should be scrubbing on the daily. Did you? Currently, I scrub every 3 days but I’m definitely going to take Sara’s advice on this!

Thank you so much, Sara for sharing your lip expertise with us!

And here’s a quick tip: I leave my lip scrub in the shower. That way, it’s always right there + waiting for me when I want to scrub!

OK let’s get to this giveaway!!

Sara Happ + I have partnered up to give away the entire Sweet Dreams Lip Kit!!! You know, the one Sara mentioned above!!!

All you have to do is follow these accounts on IG: @theecobabe @sarahapp @sarahappherself 


While you’re on IG, tag your babes on my post for extra entries. Then, comment below HERE + let us know why you should win :) Easy breezy! You must be a US resident + the winner will be chosen Sunday. Goodluck!!

And if you don’t win (but fingers crossed you do), here are all the lippies Sara referred to above — click the photo to shop:

I hope you liked this interview Babes! Let me know if you’d like me to do more Q + A’s like this.. with the experts we look to!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending you all my love X

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