Get the Best Night's Sleep Ever.


We spend almost one third of our lives sleeping. And if it were up to me, I’d spend even more just snoozing away! And since it’s National Sleep Awareness Day today, I figured it’d be the perfect time to share my biggest secret to getting a good night’s rest.

Sleep is very important to me. Not only is it THE time for our body, skin + mind to revive themselves, but it’s also essential for time management + mood the following day (you don’t want to interact with me on only a few hours of sleep).

So whether you’re the 5-6 hour energizer bunny babe, or the I need 8 hours or else babe, you HAVE to make sure that when you’re in between those sheets, you’re setting yourself up for success to get those much needed Z’s.

Now, natural tips to a better night’s sleep like taking a bath, reading a book, +/or using essential oils before bed all work. They mentally decompress you, so you’re in the mood to relax + rest. (also, Melatonin!)


But have you ever thought about WHAT exactly you’re relaxing + resting in? Meaning, your BED…

I just bought a new mattress + seriously, I LOVE crawling into bed. But what really makes or breaks your mattress’s comfort level is… your SHEETS.

No one ever talks about your sheets. But they’re SO essential to getting a good night’s rest!

You know that feeling of freshly washed sheets after you’ve just shaved your legs? Ugh. Like nothing’s better. It’s the best night’s sleep, every time! Well what if you could achieve that feeling every time you hit the pillow?

This is why I’m very specific with my sheets:

☁︎ They can’t be too hot in the summer. They can’t be too cold in the winter. And they can’t be either of those things in the middle of the night. They need to BREATHE.

☁︎ They also have to look good wrinkled + you have to be able to clean them in your washer + dryer.

☁︎ They have to be soft.

☁︎ And they HAVE to be organic:

Your skin absorbs 60% or what you put onto it. If your sheets aren’t organic, that means your face could be resting + ingesting pesticides + toxic dyes.

Cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop. By purchasing organic textiles, you’re reducing carbon emissions by at least 60% + protecting the workers who make your sheets. (no toxins = much safer work environments)

☁︎ Oh, + they have to be affordable.

I told you I’m specific LOL! Seems like too long of a list though, doesn’t it?

Not when it comes to the organic cotton company I absolutely love


I know you’ve heard me rave about Wear Pact in the past. I’m obsessed with their budget friendly leggings, hoodies + tees. All organic cotton. And now I’m also obsessed with.. you guessed it.. their SHEETS.

OK so I’ll be honest… Pact has JUST come out with these sheets. Before they launched, I had a lot of trouble finding affordable sets that hit every item on my extensive sheet checklist. And that’s the key word here: affordable!

But Pact has hit really hit the nail on the (sleepy) head.

Pact is offering 2 types of sheet sets: one that’s uber soft + comfy + is like your fave, worn-in basic tee. The other is more proper. Still super soft + breathable but shinier + more luxe. Like a hotel bed :)

I love the Room Service Collection (the more crisp, luxe set) but both collections come in beautiful neutral colors + range from just $90 - $160. That’s right in between Target + West Elm pricing with the quality of Bloomingdales. You really can’t beat it.

And omg sleeping in the Room Service Collection…. it’s that freshly shaved, silky smooth feeling every. single. time (even when you haven’t shaved for a whole week). These sheets look good + they feel good.


Plus, you can rest even easier knowing you’re making a positive environmental impact all around: we’re talking less water pollution, less energy consumption, a better environment for your skin to recoup + rebuild + a better environment for textile workers with less health issues + more living wages.

So do yourself a favor + start slipping into sheets that make you say “ahhhh”.

Time is money + time sleeping well, is time well spent. Here’s to a good night’s rest. X

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+ + This post is sponsored, but I truly stand behind these sheets + have been sleeping soundly in them for weeks!

+ + For more info on the cotton industry + Pact’s positive impact in it, go here

+ + For more eco tips + tricks for around your house, go here