Best Crib Mattress for Baby


When it comes to the nursery, no one ever talks about the crib mattress. Yet, it's one of the most IMPORTANT parts of the entire room. Most conventional crib mattresses are made with the same chemicals found in arsenic -- rat poison! And many studies show that these toxins are directly related to SIDS. So, choosing the right mattress for your precious little one, well it could literally mean life or death. So watch my video, get in the know, and start shopping Eco-friendly mattresses below!

When shopping for the right mattress, there are 3 things to look for:

  1. Certified by GREENGAURD
  2. PVC and Polyurethane free
  3. Fire-retardant free

Here are my fave brands (in all price ranges) that meet all 3 qualifications:

If you love any of these mattresses, or one that I haven't mentioned, please comment below! And may your babies sleep safe & happy from now on. X