Chemical Free, Germ Free Cleaning with Just Water!


Did you just read that right??? That title??? You can clean EVERYTHING with JUST. WATER. What??? And it works???

Yup, my babes. Imma bout to change your life.

I’ve been holding out on you a little because I wanted to test these products in my own home so I could really stand behind them. And oh, Imma standing.

e-cloth wipes out germs + bacteria, leaving your home squeaky clean just like a Lysol wipe does, but without the use of chemicals, paper towels, or ANY cleaning solutions. All you need is any e-cloth product… + some warm water.



The one cleaning question I get all time is this: hey babe, I’ve completely made the switch to all-natural cleaning products except… I can’t find anything that works as good as my Windex. What do you use?

Well, I haven’t used a single mist of Windex in months!! And I have NO drops on my mirrors honey. (except this week. I’m been swamped with work LOL!!)

Did I just blow your mind though? I know. Mine was blown, too when I first discovered e-cloth. They’ve completely figured out this safe, non-toxic, zero-waste cleaning situation.


Because here’s the thing about many natural cleaning products… they can still contain allergens + irritants, even if they’re botanical based, all natural +/or organic. It really just depends how sensitive you + your family are to ingredients like eugenol + lemonene, for example (both botanicals that commonly trigger allergic reactions).

This is why I’m OBSESSED with e-cloth. There’s no cleaning solutions, no plastic spray bottles + no DIY’s. Now let me put this out there:

I love a good DIY just as much as the next babe, but I don’t love the time a good DIY can take.

I don’t have the time. I’d honestly rather buy something + call it good + if I have the extra time to DIY, I’d rather swap it out for a nap lol.

Anyway, I was introduced to e-cloth years ago in a swag bag. But at the time, I put it in the back of a drawer + continued on with my gross stack of crappy towels that took up so much space, mixed with a giant myriad of natural cleaning products, all in plastic packaging.

Until on day, one of my mom friends raved to me about… you guessed it… e-cloth!!

So I went home, dug that e-cloth out of my drawer + put it to the test. And man have I put these products to the test. By the way, I still have my original e-cloth to this day + it’s literally the ONLY thing I use on my kitchen countertops.


So here’s how e-cloth works:

The tendency of water to grab and hold small particles is among the most powerful forces in nature. It's the force that forms every raindrop and snowflake – and it’s the all-natural “active ingredient” in every e-cloth product. Each of our precision-engineered microfiber textiles is designed to unlock this amazing power of water to perform specific cleaning tasks.

This means when you run your e-cloth under water + wring it out, this process charges the cloth by filling the microscopic voids between (+ within) the cloth’s fibers with that water. Then, when you run your charged cloth across a dirty surface, those water molecules attract + stick to tiny particles of dirt, grease, grime, bacteria + mold, pulling the particles into those water filled voids + trapping them there. Finally, those unwanted particles are released when you rinse your cloth under hot water or a machine’s wash cycle. This also refreshes your cloth.

So basically, it’s magic.

But you can’t use just any cloth + water. e-cloth manufactures their cloths with those precise voids in the microfiber that attract water (+ then dirt + grime). They also tailor each cloth to each surface in your home. They’re all different.

There’s an e-cloth for every type of surface. Even your floors!


Here are the overall benefits:


✖️ e-cloth cleans without dyes, fragrances, preservatives or chemicals

✖️ there’s no irritants or allergens

✖️ e-cloth removes 99% of bacteria

✖️ I use mine all the time + they NEVER smell badly. I don’t actually know how this is possible


✖️ no longer do you have to purchase expensive cleaning solutions. Just turn that faucet on babe!

✖️ no longer do you have to purchase paper towels

✖️ e-cloth comes with a 300 machine wash guarantee

✖️ between machine washes, I sterilize mine with boiling water

✖️ e-cloth is WAY cheaper than Norwex (competitor) because they don’t sell their product via consultants


✖️ you’re not throwing anything out

✖️ you’re not spraying toxins into the air

✖️ no trees are cut down in the process of you cleaning the house :)

These are the e-cloths I use most (click each photo to shop):

Oh, + guess what? You can get 20% off with the code: ECOBABE20

kitchen countertops + stove.

kitchen countertops + stove.

watermarks + to dry glassware.

watermarks + to dry glassware.

wood + tile floors.

wood + tile floors.

mirrors + windows.

mirrors + windows.

Whoop whoop! I swear. I’ve never been so excited to clean anything as when I tried my very first e-cloth! So I know you’ll feel the same, especially after you see + feel your (chemical-free) results! And after all that excitement wears down, your e-cloths will just become part of the fam :)

Let me know if/when you try your own e-cloth!! Happy Earth Day, Happy Spring Cleaning, Happy Home Babes!! X

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+ + This post is sponsored, but I reached out to e-cloth on my own behalf after using + truly trusting their products for years
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