Must Have: Healthy Halloween Makeup


Although a key player in the costume you've been planning for months now, costume makeup can be very toxic to your skin. So, DON'T DO IT! And steer clear of the makeup aisle at that costume store, especially if you have little goblins at home. Here's what you should use instead (with even better results!):

I'm a fan of Mehron. They're a leader in the Theater/Stage industry and because their products are made with high quality ingredients, they won't irritate your skin (even their fake blood is non-toxic). And for my Chewbacca costume last year, I used this Pro Pencil for my lips because it's number 1 ingredient is fruit wax (insert exited Chewie noise here).


So remember: to avoid being scared AFTER you've removed all that Halloween makeup, use theater makeup ~ Never costume. Have a Happy, Safe Halloween! X