Tutorial: How to Apply the Most Natural False Lashes.


For a lot of women, long, luscious eyelashes are the epitome of femininity. It’s like wearing that one pair of heels when you have that perfect glowy tan...

But that perfect lash can be really hard to come by. You can do lash extensions, but that requires a lot of money + a lot of time with all that maintenance. You can do a growth serum, but almost all of them are super toxic + directly onto your eye is a risky place to be putting toxins. (Side note, I tried the R+F lash serum years ago + my lash line is still red) And lastly, you can try falsies but they can be v. difficult to apply + they can look super fake + cheap.

So what’s a babe to do? Especially if that lengthening mascara isn’t exactly doing the trick?

here's the secret:

It’s still faux lashes, but what’s different is…. everything!

I’ve tried it all + done it all every which way, so after years of lash trial + error (on camera + off), I’ve finally found the solution. And it’s so good, there’s always a babe leaning over to me asking if I have extensions (the answers no!). It also looks pretty with a bare lid (what!!!) + the less perfect your application is, the more natural it actually looks (what WHAT!!).

So get those tweezers out, press play + scroll below for a step by step guide to getting the most natural looking, pretty faux lashes! Hint: there’s LOTS of tips + tricks with this quick application so definitely read about them below, in case you miss them in the video!


  1. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

  2. Apply a few dabs of eyelash glue to the back of your hand. This allows the glue to set before you dip your lash into it.

    TIP: Glue has to set prior to application so your lashes will stay in place + have a strong hold. And by using the back of your hand as a pallet of sorts, you don’t have to sit there + blow on your lash for the glue to set.

    TIP: This is the best eyelash glue I have found! No smell, it’s on the clean side, yet it still works. Also safe for contact wearers! I swam around in a pool the other day with my falsies on + they stayed put!!!

  3. Using your tweezers, grab a longer lash. Here’s the thing about lashes:

    TIP: I like using clusters (as opposed to a full strip or individuals) because they’re easy to apply + look v. natural, as we blend them into our real lashes.

    TIP: But you have to use KNOT FREE clusters! This way, you don’t see little balls along your lash line from the base of each cluster. That’s a dead giveaway that your lashes are fake.

    TIP: By using 2 lengths of clusters, you’re following the aesthetic of your natural lash line + this makes things look v. real.

  4. Dip your lash into the glue on the back of your hand. Situate your tweezers between your two fingers so it’s comfortable for you to work around your eye.

  5. Set your lash directly on (or ever so slightly above) your lash line, starting on the outside corner of your eye.

  6. Repeat this process until you’re 3/4 around your eye.

    TIP: I leave a few natural lashes in between each cluster of falsies. I never apply my clusters one right after the another. Leave a tiny space!

    TIP: I end up using 4-5 medium length clusters. This also makes your application look really natural (as opposed to filling your whole lash line with cluster after cluster). Because think about it: no one has perfectly lined up natural lashes!

  7. Now pick up your short length clusters. Repeat the application process. I end up using 1-2 short clusters.

    TIP: Never apply your short clusters directly at the inner corner of your eye. That looks extremely fake. I stop wherever my natural lash line begins, if not a few lashes before!

  8. Wait a few minutes. Then gently apply your mascara (click here for my absolute fave clean mascara) directly over both your falsies + natural lashes.

  9. SQUISH THEM!!!!!!

    TIP: I learned this tip from a celebrity makeup artist. If you pinch the top + bottom of your lashes together, starting at one side + moving towards the other, this ‘sandwiches’ everything together + blends it like no other!

  10. Finish everything off with a little magic balm.

    TIP: because we don’t have to use an eyeliner with this application (told you it’s SOO natural!) I like to finish off my look with a little gloss on the lid. Just to give it a pretty, dewy, au natural look.


That’s it!! Your first few times will probably take you awhile to get the hang of things. But after you get comfortable, you’ll breeze right through this process (takes me 3-4 minutes flat) + probably start wearing falsies every day lol!

As always, I hope this adds value for you. Let me know if you have any questions, or just say hi below!! Now go bat those FIRE lashes Babe! X

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