How to Really Recycle Your Cosmetics


How many of us toss our mascara tubes and all those Sephora samples straight into the trash after we're done with them?! I'm guilty too, as I never thought we could REALLY recycle them. 

In fact, most of the time when we try to do the right thing by recycling those empty beauty containers, they're sorted and dumped right into the trash anyway. And then before you know it, that old gloss of yours has gone from your pout right to the ocean floor, polluting everything along its way. 

So either way, whether we're straight up pitching these containers, or trying to recycle them, it's a Total. Loss.

Until... Origins figured it out. You know, that Eco-friendly, plant based beauty line that we ALREADY 100% love?!

Yup, Origins will take any cosmetic brand container (both skin & hair) and make sure it's actually recycled! Or, they'll be used for energy recovery! All you have to do is collect your empty bottles, tubes & tubs and turn them into an Origins counter (like at Macy's). Then, you can rest assured that all those small containers you're getting rid of, are exactly where they're supposed to be. And it doesn't cost a thing! 

So start recycling your beauty bottles the right way, and feel great about looking fab while keeping our Earth safe. 💄🌎❤️ X