Making Your Nursery More Affordable

Home decor is so expensive. Especially if you want to buy new...which, let's be honest, I'm guilty over here, too. However! A little paint goes a long way. Meaning, if you see a cheap accessory that you really like, but it doesn't quite fit into your home, don't pass it up! Buy that puppy! Then sand it, and paint or stain it. This is especially true for nurseries and children's rooms, since they are constantly changing. You can save a lot of money. And it doesn't take that much time to do the work. 

For example, when store bought, these accessories didn't go with the style of their soon-to-be home. However! With a little paint (and a light sanding of the lamp base), they became some of this nursery's highlights. 


Plus, I saved my client hundreds of dollars! And most of all, the nursery became even more special with these touches done by hand. 


Now go out there, purchase a little paint, and save yourself some money. X