Mask for You, Meal for Baby


Face Mask... or... Baby Food?

How about BOTH! Here, I'm teaching you how to DIY a Pumpkin Pie Glow Mask that is AWESOME for your skin! It unclogs your pores, sloughs off dead skin cells, and gives you a dewy glow. This mask is perfect for acne prone skin and it's just in time for Thanksgiving. 

And for BABY, it doubles up as a delicious, nutrient packed meal! Could it get any better? Oh wait - I have one more surprise for you...

This is multi-tasking at it's finest: 

**Before making your mask, be sure to heed my warning re: HONEY**

Benefits of each Ingredient: 


Pumpkin Puree

  • Enzymes for chemical exfoliation
  • Niacin for acne treatment
  • Vitamin A for collagen boost
  • Zinc for skin renewal
  • Vitamin C for wrinkle prevention
  •  Carotenoid for skin texture

Greek Yogurt

  • Lactose for chemical exfoliation
  • Calcium to heal dry skin
  • Riboflavin for free radical damage

Raw Honey

  • Super charged hydration & glow
  • Antioxidants for anti-aging
  • Antibacterial for skin cleansing

Flax Seed

  • Gentle, physical exfoliation



  • Calcium/Magnesium for strong bones
  • Phosphorous for brain function
  • Vitamin A for eye health
  • Fiber for digestion
  • Vitamin C for immune system 
  • Tryptophan for drowsiness & calmness


  • Calcium for strong bones
  • Good bacteria for digestive track
  • Healthy fat for proper growth


  • Local honey for allergy prevention
  • Antioxidants for immune system
  • Natural cough medicine & relief for sore throat


  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids for bone development
  • Fiber for digestion


Here's to healthy, beautiful skin for the Holidays and homemade, healthy meals for Baby! Enjoy X