New Mom Backache Fast Relief


Although the absolute best gifts in the world, babies are a pain in the back!

Many mommies experience severe upper back pain after giving birth. It stems from constantly bending over to lift Baby, and always hunching shoulders to cradle Baby. This is commonly referred to as New Mom Backache.

And since there's NO way we're putting our Bubba's/Love Bugs/Monkeys/EVERYTHING's down, I've found the perfect solution. You can wear it all day, it's super easy to apply, it's lightweight, it's barely noticeable, it comes in fun colors, it's affordable... AND it packs a punch. It works! It gives you major support, decompresses your spine, pulls your shoulders back, maintains proper posture, and relieves that back pain.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too. Until I tried it.

So press play and enjoy these sweet moments with your Babes, back pain nowhere in sight. X