How to Recycle Your Beauty Products - Even Lipstick!


Wondering how to recycle that old lipstick tube? How to recycle that empty mascara tube? Or here’s a big one: how to recycle all those skincare samples you just got from Sephora? Honestly, recycling these items can be one major, not-so-pretty mess.

That is, unless you have the right info. So, I made a video for you about the easiest way to recycle every single one of your beauty product empties. Hair care, skin care + cosmetics. Like, you won’t believe how easy it is. It’s a no brainer.

But before you press play, ponder this: beauty products are really all about their packaging. That’s what attracts us first. The more instagrammy, the better. But here’s the issue:

Every year, 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry. Just the cardboard itself contributes to the loss of 18 MILLION acres of forests. EVERY YEAR.

And where does all that packaging go? Most often… straight to the dump. As I explain in this video, even if you do recycle your beauty packaging, many of the smaller items are missed in the sorting machines at your recycling center. These machines aren’t meant to sort tubs + tubes under 6 oz (which is pretty large, right?) This means that ALL those items are transported from that recycling center to your local landfill. It’s a sticky situation. Literally.

Recycling your beauty products saves resources. It saves a TON of energy. It saves space at the landfill. It helps eliminate plastic in the ocean. And until the beauty industry goes completely Eco with its packaging, it’s up to US to make a plan.

So NOW press play + take part in this plan. Our plan to help save the environment + be a babe while doing so. JOIN US. Please + thank you X

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