5 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Treats.


Halloween is like Christmas on steroids sprinkled with refined sugar. Literally, EVERY type of treat is available. The entire Holiday is centered around candy.

So, what’s a babe to do when she has a major sweet tooth?

Trust me on this. I stocked up on candy weeks ago for the neighborhood kids. And of course, I bought the good stuff that I knew the kids would like. And by kids, I also mean me 😩

Fast forward to now, I’m SUPER annoyed with myself. Because after a v. successful sugar cleanse, I BINGED on all that candy. It’s true what they say, too: if you stop the sugar, your body won’t crave it. Which was FINALLY happening for me! But now that I’ve over indulged, sugar is all I want. I feel gross. My skin is gross. And it’s all from that gross candy!!

SO. Here’s what I will do next year + what I’ve already been doing to get myself back on track.

This is… how to avoid Halloween candy:

✖️ Purchase candy late. Not only will you probably get it on sale, but you’ll also be less tempted to dig in at home.

✖️ If you do purchase candy weeks before Halloween hits, don’t display it like I did until Trick-or-Treat night. That way, you won’t be doing candy jar drive-by’s for weeks prior.

✖️ Purchase candy that you don’t necessarily love. For example, if you don’t like coconut, buy Almond Joys for your Trick-or-Treaters. Kids will still love it, you won’t.

✖️ HERE’S THE BEST ONE: find a healthy alternative that’ll curb your sweet tooth. And no, you don’t have to eat an apple or 1 single cocoa nib. Additionally, make it something you can throw in your purse or desk. That way, while all those processed Halloween candies HAUNT you, you can simply reach into your alternate stash + enjoy your sweet little treat while staying healthy.

Here’s how I have done just that:

Pure Organic Fruit Strips + Bars. They’re gluten free, organic + vegan. Made from simple ingredients. And colored with vegetable juice. It’s still sugar, but it’s NATURAL, unprocessed sugar. Now, these aren’t chocolate. But I love fruity candy. So this is my alternative for gummy bears, sour worms, starbursts + skittles. And I’m telling you, IT DOES THE TRICK.


Let’s do a little comparison with Skittles. 1 pouch Original Skittles vs. 1 Strawberry Apple Pure Bar (my fave flavor for that skittle like feel).

*Side note: Pure Organic has a wildberry flavor (above) for all you Berry Skittles babes.


As you can see, Pure Organic has wayyy less calories, fat grams, carbs + sugars! Plus, take one look at that Skittles ingredients list + you’ll be reaching for your naturally delish fruit bar over those Skittles ANY day of the week.

Taste the ARTIFICIALLY DYED rainbow, am I right?

And to think I ate like 5 packs of those. Ew.

ALSO, palm oil harvesting is destroying our environment. Google it. It’s terrible. You’ll be on the lookout for ‘palm oil’ in ingredients lists from now on.

✖️ Did you know candy is freezable? Yup — ice ice baby! Freeze your Halloween leftovers until you need them for cookie baking at Christmas. Out of sight, out of mind. :)

I hope this helps, babes. I, of all people, know how devilish these Halloween temptations can be. Learn from my mistake + use these TRICKS to overcome all those TREATS, so your body can feel good, your skin can look good, + YOU can guiltlessly enjoy the v. fun start to our Holiday season.

Happy Halloween X

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