How to Keep Hair Soft + Fresh for Fall.


Here’s the deal: we’re all super focused on our skin (which is great), but we tend to forget about our hair + scalp, until it’s too late. And then we’re playing catchup. So, NOW is the time to start putting a little extra love into our heads. That way, as temperatures continue to drop, your hair will continue to be soft, shiny + flake free.

Our scalp is an extension of our skin.

Did I just blow your hair, err mind? I know, we don’t think about this very often. But it’s true. Our scalp is just as important as our actual hair. And as cold weather + central heat can severely dry out our skin, it can have the very same effect on our scalp.

I was thinking about this the other day while watching Lee from America’s IG story, where she had dandruff. And since I’m naturally blonde, my hair is naturally more susceptible to becoming dry + brittle 🙄 SO I’ve learned by trial + error. And now, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will work for everyone.

Welcome to your Healthy Hair Battle Plan babes, with 3 ways to keep your hair soft + fresh for Fall, + right on into Winter.

✖️How to Tackle: Dandruff

Oh, those flakes. It’s really not as gross or embarrassing as everyone makes it seam. It’s just like having little patches of dry skin on your face. So just like your skin, you need to exfoliate!! But you have to do it in such a way that won’t hurt your hair follicles.

To DIY it, mix 2 tbsp sea salt with 1-2 tbsp lemon juice + 1-2 tbsp olive oil. Massage onto scalp, rinse + shampoo. The salt exfoliates your scalp + follicles, the lemon juice is the acid you need to clear any product buildup + the olive oil coats your scalp with moisture.


You can also purchase a scrub, but I’ve never found any that don’t contain 1 of the Toxic 12 ingredients. So this is really one of the only things I DIY at home. It’s easy :)

I should also mention that exfoliating your scalp stimulates your hair follicles, which promotes hair growth!

✖️How to Tackle: Static

You know what I’m talking about, right? You throw on your fave, cozy sweater + as soon as you have it pulled over head, your hair is all of the sudden levitating off your shoulders in every direction, strand by strand. This is due to lack of moisture in your hair + in the air. So, hit that hair with some moisture!

My fave way to do this is by way of hair masks. Just like your skin (this is now a theme lol), your hair needs heavy hydrating masks. You can DIY these, but you know me… If I don’t have to DIY, I don’t. These are the masks I love the most:

Hair oils are also a key player in the moisture game. And it’s pretty easy to find an all-natural one. I use this oil (below) before I blow dry my hair. I apply 1 pump to the top of my hair, mid-shaft + work my way down to the ends of my strands. It works really well + smells like Fruity Pebbles:

✖️How to Tackle: Dry + Brittle

Speaking of blow dryers, the TYPE of dryer you use makes ALL the difference. I’ve dabbled in blow dryers a lot, as my blonde hair is fine + has lots of flyaways. SO. You really need to be using an IONIC dryer. This means that your hair dryer emits negative ions to help separate water molecules from your strands. Which also means less drying time + less damage from the heat.

The best blow out I have ever given myself came from my girlfriend’s little mint green dryer while we were traveling. I was hungover + had the best hair of my life. So obviously, I immediately ordered one. It’s worth it. Flyaways are reduced, dryness is reduced + you’ll REALLY slash your drying time.

HOT TIP: This blow dryer’s from Dermstore, where they often run sales on these little guys. Wait for a sale. You’ll get 20% off.

The other thing you should do during these colder months, is wash your hair less. For some of you Babes, this seams far fetched. But trust me, it WORKS. Even if you can break it down to washing every OTHER day, whatever you can do — your hair will thank you. Washing less, means less heat from water, less heat from styling tools + less moisture being stripped from your strands. Here’s how I have been able to pull this off:

It’s called the Sleep Bun + it makes allllll the difference.

And here are the alligator clips you’ll need:

One last thing you can do for dryness, is FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT SISTER. By this I mean, you can add shine with PRODUCTS. Which is a little secret of mine. I never go anywhere without my shine spray. When you wear your hair down, it gives your locks that touch of lustre, it gives them a little life. Shine spray makes your strands look soft. These are my two go-to’s:

And there you have it babes! Your ultimate guide on how to keep your hair healthy for Winter + Fall. Let me know if you’ll be trying any of these healthy hair methods + if YOU have any must-try tips for soft Fall hair, DEF share them below! Because what’s a pumpkin spice latte without good hair LOL! Happy Fall X

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