How to Recycle CDs + DVDs.


Hold up, press that pause button because did you know that CD’s + DVD’s take 1 MILLION years to break down + decompose? And they aren’t recyclable, nor can you burn them (the fumes are super toxic). And what about the packaging? That’s not recyclable either.


I’ve been in this jam every single Fall for about 10 years. Being married to an actor, we get TONS of DVD’s sent to us every awards season (I explain more in the video). And they would just stack up + up in our living room closet, giving me major anxiety (I can’t stand clutter). But I never really knew what to do with these discs, v. well knowing that I couldn’t throw them away OR recycle them. So I did some research.

And what I found is extremely easy. It’s extremely good for the environment. And it’s extremely peaceful for your soul since you’ll be able to finally (responsibly) declutter.

So now, take your finger OFF that pause button + onto the play button below. And be sure to share this little blurb with all your babes because CD’s + DVD’s are turning into an epidemic, as we get more + more into this digital dawn + they become entirely irrelevant.

If we can help spread the word about how to properly recycle CD’s + DVD’s, we’ll be freeing up landfills from BILLIONS of discs, in turn giving the automotive + office industry recycled plastic to make parts 💁🏼 So cool right?

Here is the address:

The CD Recycling Center 
CD Recycling Center of America 
68E Stiles Road 
Salem NH 03079

Thank you for being here, for watching this + for being an ecobabe, babes! X

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