Best Fall Foods for Your Skin.


Fall is the time to recoup your skin from all that summer sun, as well as prepare it for the winter elements to come — cold weather + central heating especially!

Not only should you be switching to a richer skincare routine (creamier cleansers + heavier moisturizers) but you should also be eating certain foods to take care of your skin from the inside out. Fall is the time for healthy fats for hydration + selenium (antioxidant) + vitamins A, C + E for post-summer sun damage. And if you can consume foods that keep your immune system up, that’s a bonus!!

So, here are the organic foods that do all THREE of these things, native to this Fall season of course.


✖️ Quercetin, a powerful anti-aging compound, found in apple skin to help offset UV damage

✖️ Copper to produce melanin, so your skin stays protected from the sun

✖️ Vitamin C to produce collagen to brighten your complexion + boost your immune system


✖️ Iron + protein to keep your skin lustrous + your hair thick, especially after our periods when our bodies will crave the iron it just lost

✖️ Vitamin B to aid in cell regeneration (+ improve mood!)

* Grass fed beef only Babes


✖️ Nutrient-rich outer layer translates to being a Low-Glycemic superfood (meaning it releases its energy slowly in your body) which is better for your skin + metabolism because sugar spikes cause your body + skin to age faster

✖️ Fiber to keep your digestive track clear so your body + skin can easily absorb nutrients + vitamins

* White rice will cause sugar spikes


✖️ Selenium to repair sun damage, including pigmentation

✖️ Tryptophan to produce serotonin in the brain to combat stress, which is always bad for your skin, + to help you sleep, which is always good for your skin

✖️ Potassium to keep your blood pressure at bay, in turn combating stress + keeping your skin healthy

* Be sure that your chicken is organic, otherwise it will probably be full of hormones that are terrible for your skin


✖️ Low-glycemic HERO: protein + fiber to release energy slowly, resulting in less sugar peaks. Insulin spikes can cause hormonal changes + inflammation, which causes acne or ‘angry’ skin


✖️ Capaicin (the spiciness) to lower inflammation, keeping your complexion looking fresh + uncongested


✖️ Vitamins C + B to give that glow

✖️ Diuretic to regulate blood sugar + eliminate toxins, which always promotes clear skin

✖️ Nutrients to aid cell growth for a youthful complexion

✖️ Phytochemicals to regulate the body’s pH levels for less breakouts

✖️ One of the most hydrating foods you can ingest for moisturized skin from the inside out

* No cartons here. Refrigerated bottles only


✖️ Natural sweetener with less blood sugar impact, which is better for your skin

✖️ Vitamin C for collagen production + brighter skin

✖️ Vitamin B for repairing + strengthening skin cells

* Add ONE date to anything + it’ll be instantly sweeter. But ONE date is all you need


✖️ Allicon, a natural chemical, to ward off skin infections

✖️ Sulfur to keep your skin’s structure strong

✖️ Antibiotic + antifungal properties to purify your blood, boost circulation + improve immune system


✖️ Nutrients to decrease inflammation + protect your skin from conditions like eczema

✖️ Vitamins to increase the luster of your skin + hair + to reduce under-eye shadows


✖️ Antioxidants to reduce inflammation, fight off acne-causing bacteria + unclog pores, which restores your skin’s radiance


✖️ Probiotics to keep your skin clear

✖️ All 9 essential amino acids to produce new skin cells to keep your skin smooth

* Can also be used directly on the skin to calm inflammation + treat blemishes

* If you’re lactose intolerant, be careful


✖️ Vitamin K to strengthen your blood

✖️ Anti-inflammatory to reduce bloating of your face + redness of your skin

✖️ Lutein + Zeaxanthin to protect from free radical damage (like an internal sunscreen)

✖️ Omega-3 Fatty Acid to keep your skin supple, nourished + hydrated


✖️ Vitamin C to brighten your skin + produce collagen

✖️ Stimulates the liver to flush out toxins, which also detoxes your skin


✖️ Selenium, Lutein + Vitamins A, B, C, E + K to fight free radical chain reactions, in turn fighting the signs of aging to keep your skin supple with good elasticity

✖️ Anti-inflammatory to help address skin conditions like acne


✖️ Carotenoids to promote a glowing healthy complexion + reverse UV damage

✖️ Vitamin C to brighten your skin

✖️ B Vitamins to oxygenate your skin

✖️ Minerals to repair + replenish your skin


✖️ Omega-3’s to produce collagen, keeping your skin plump

✖️ Nutrients to decrease sebum production + to reduce congestion in your skin

✖️ Selenium to help reverse sun damage + to further protect your skin from UV rays


✖️ Anti-inflammatory to combat any ‘angry’ skin condition by targeting the infection in your skin’s sebaceous glands

✖️ Selenium to protect your skin from UV exposure + treat sun damage

✖️ Omega-3 Fatty Acids to soften + plump your skin

So now that you know what to pick up at the market, Happy Eating, Happy Fall! I’ll be getting creative with these foods + would love to see what you cook up — tag me in your food photos pretty please + let me know if you see a difference in your skin. Let’s Get Glowing X

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