This Common Flower Can Kill You


Babes! OMG I was just talking with my Mom + she told me something that COMPLETELY took me by surprise! You know how poinsettias + lilies can be poisonous to your cats + dogs? Well there's one more flower we need to add to that list. And it's one that can be poisonous to YOU, too.  

So if you're the girl who always has a freshly cut bouquet on her table.... BEWARE.

DAFFODILS, you know those happy perky yellow trumpet flowers that are synonymous with spring? DAFFODILS... can be DEADLY. To you, your kids, your pets + to other flowers. 


So, how is this even true? Well the entire flower, from petal to bulb holds a toxin called lycorine. This toxin can cause low blood pressure, drowsiness, nauseous, vomiting, and damage to the liver, just to name a few. And if digested enough, it could be fatal. Moreover, the part of the flower that holds the most poison, is the bulb. Which is important because the bulb is usually what gets eaten, as it looks pretty identical to an onion. 

CRAZY RIGHT?? But I kind of love this because they're pretty, so you wanna reach out and touch them. But if you get too close, they could drop you. Just like Uma Thurman in Batman.

PC: Pinterest

PC: Pinterest


So, what should we do when we want to add a cheery Yellow to our gardens or table tops? 

1. If you have kids +/or pets, choose a different yellow flower.

2. When cutting daffodils yourself, cut the stem closest to the ground for the least toxic effect. 

3. Don't add other varieties to the bunch because the daffodils' sap will kill them. 

4. Wash your hands after handling them. 

Side note, if you're worried about wildlife eating daffodils from your gardens, don't. They're very bitter in taste, so birds + deer + critters will pass them over.

Moral of the story... I think I'll just enjoy LOOKING at the daffodils from now on. HAPPY SPRING X 

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