How to Treat Hormonal Acne


It's been a battle with my skin lately. I'm sure people probably think I'm pregnant, just by looking at my face. Tiny zits all around my mouth and jaw line, big, cystic acne on my chin. I've never been so oily in my whole life!! It's been so bad that I've even bailed on dinners + events. I'd rather avoid being seen with shitty skin, sit at home + eat my feelings instead. 

So why is this happening now? Well, I started taking testosterone + DHEA (stress hormone) to balance out my hormones. After 6 months, I'm definitely feeling better, feeing more rested + calm, but to be honest, I'm not sure if my skin's downfall is worth it... I think I'd rather be tired than have to stress about trying to cover up my acne. Either way I'm stressed lol What would you do? Keep taking the supplements, or stop and clear your skin? 

ANYWAY, the good news is I'VE FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO TREAT  HORMONAL ACNE! And I couldn't wait to share it with you!! 

So. There's 3 components to this formula. I've taken 2 products that I've heard (+ vetted) individually work + combined them with my favorite ALL-NATURAL product, to form a SIMPLE, FAST acne elimination equation. 

So press play, learn WHY you're getting hormonal acne, + most importantly, how to treat it in just 2 days!!

BONUS: the best concealer for in between -- it's the only one you'll need.

Here's to kicking our hormonal acne's ass, getting up off the sofa + taking our lives back (or is it just me that pouts at home?) Either way, BYE ACNE. 

Shop these holy grail ingredients here:

And since we're always talking about how to go green IN STYLE, here's what I wore for this video... Hover over the t-shirt + jeans to shop (comfiest, stretchiest jeans ever - go down a size) X

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