Safe Sunscreens You NEED in Your Beauty Routine.


There's a new wave of SPF's on the scene + these are definitely worth the hype!

Now a days, we need sunscreens that do more than just protect our skin from the sun.  We need SPF's that protect us from digital light (which we just found out is MORE damaging to our skin that UVA + UVB rays, COMBINED). We need SPF's that are easy to apply, that are weightless, AND do other things like set your makeup, double as makeup primer, + keep your HAIR (yes your hair needs protection too) healthy all summer long.

SO, I've rounded up the 7 best NATURAL sunscreens that do ALL of these things... from head to toe. These SPF's are effective AF. So effective, you won't be able to live without them. (I CAN'T!!!) And you'll always remember to apply them :)

So press play + start lathering up with these SPF's you'll seriously love X  

Shop these holy grail SPF's here: 

Bare Republic 5-In-1 Spray

Beautycounter Body Mist


Let me know which spf you love the most + if you'd like to see any other videos like this one -- I  know my Babes appreciate good skincare 🖤 

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