Digital Devices Are More Damaging Than The Sun.


CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? You need sunscreen for your selfies! 

Your phone, tablet, laptop AND TV are giving you more wrinkles + photo-aging than UVA + UVB rays COMBINED!! 

The super harmful rays that your digital devices emit are called Blue Light + the problem is that they penetrate deeper into your skin the those UV rays. This means the damage from Blue Light is worse. And it's 100% UNavoidable. Most of us are glued at the hip to our devices for both social + WORK life. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't use a computer for work. And that's 8 hours a day. Then, you come home + relax to the TV. We basically can't get away from our electronics these days + THEN in combination with the sun rays... I mean ARE WE JUST SCREWED?!!

Are you freaking out? Because I definitely did. So much so that I jumped on the Blue Light  bandwagon, did a bunch of research + figured out how we CAN PROTECT OURSELVES FROM BLUE LIGHT. It IS possible. You just need the right products. 

So press play, learn a little lesson in blue light + see how easy it is to actually protect yourself from these damaging rays. I'm so glad you're getting on it now, because I'm sure it'll only get worse!! Also, you can shop the products I swear by below. Here's to keeping our skin safe while snapping selfies X



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