Your Nails Should be This Color for Summer's End.


My signature nail color is always neutral. Either light pink or black -- even on vacay. I'm basically no fun lol But as summer's coming to a close, there's a new neutral in town + it's one that even I can get behind.

This new hue is fun, it's flirty + it's bold with a beautiful subtleness that only this color range could pull off.  This color is v. easy to wear, no matter your coloring, no matter if you're typically adventurous with your nail colors or not. This new neutral looks gorg on EVERYONE.  


All inclusive + totally a sure thing but still says I'm on trend + totally with it? ... YES PLEASE.

So toss that Bubble Bath + Ballet Slipper to the side + make way for your END OF SUMMER BLUES. 

And there's a shade of blue for every Babe. 

So go crazy!!! These blue hues are ALL super versatile. These are my current faves:


Just make sure your new bottles of blue are safe for you.

How so? Well let me tell you about the risk of regular nail polish ingredients in general (like that of OPI + Essie). It's pretty wild:

✖️ Toluene: neurological damage, decreased brain function, impaired fetal development

✖️ Formaldehyde: cancer of the throat, nose + blood

✖️ Formaldehyde Resin: skin irritation, skin depigmentation, loss of nerve sensation

✖️ Dibutyl Phthalate: decreased fertility, hormonal disruption, bioaccumulation, liver damage

✖️ TPHP: endocrine disrupter

✖️ Camphor: nausea, dizziness, headaches


And here's the thing: the first 5 ingredients can ALL cause birth defects or fetal impairments. Now, I know it doesn't seem possible that a little bottle of your trademark polish color could cause so much damage with longterm exposure (if you do your nails weekly like me, that longterm exposure is YOU babe.) But it's true. So ESPECIALLY while pregnant, it is ESSENTIAL to skip the polish. But then again, why would you use polishes that are THAT toxic anyway? Unless... there's a safer, healthier option with chic colorways that won't chip + are still super shiny? 



If you haven't tried Zoya yet, you need to. I've been painting my nails with Zoya for years because:

 ✖️ Zoya revolutionized the nail industry, as it was the first long wearing, non-toxic, natural nail polish to hit the nail scene. And it's still the longest wearing, toxin-free polish today

✖️ These polishes are now TEN FREE, meaning they're also made without parabens, xylene, ethyl tosylamide + lead 

✖️ I love Zoya's colors... especially the blues


I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to Zoya, as it really IS my all time fave polish. With Zoya, you'll always feel fresh + put together, without the danger of those serious side effects. And I'm even more excited to show you that this year, you don't have to FEEL those summer blues. Instead, you can ROCK them. Because... 


That's FIVE beautiful blue shades for BOTH of you. Go here to enter our ecobabe. x Zoya giveaway + leave a comment below on why you'd love to win one of these stunning sets. 

I hope you're enjoying the rest of your summer + DEF tag me in your nail pics! I'd love to see you Babes rocking your natural, summer blues!! X

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