Dermstore Haul: My Must-Have Makeup.


Who needs Sephora when you have Dermstore???

Sorry Sephora. But I save WAY more money at Dermstore + they've been in the natural skincare/cosmetics game for awhile now. (I do however v. much appreciate where Sephora is going with their Clean Beauty Program) Plus, Dermstore still sends you samples with each purchase, with free shipping + returns. 

Are you sold yet? Just wait until you hear how much money you can save + get back for future purchases. 

I do have to tell you that there ARE some products that Dermstore doesn't sell yet (like Kora Organics) but there's literally only a few. And they sell a LOT of brands that other stores like Sephora don't. 

THIS IS WHY I AM A DERMSTORE REGULAR. So much so, that I have tons of Dermstore skincare + cosmetics on repeat. So when I recently put an order in for all my faves, I wanted to share with you what those faves are. My tried + tested, true blue products that I can't live without.

So, press play below + discover the benefits of Dermstore + what I'm always shopping there. 

And if you're wondering about BLUE LIGHT, go here. You should def know about this crazy danger to your skin + keep yourself protected!

Would love to see what YOU shop at Dermstore (tell me in the comments section!) + hopefully you've been introduced to some products you'll love just as much as I do X

Shop these holy grail products here: 

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