Baby Shower Tip: Swap Books for Cards

Let's be honest: all those baby shower cards that you save for a scrapbook you'll make "one day" will probably end up in a box somewhere and never even make it to the cute, patterned pages of that memory book. Instead of wasting (maybe even trashing) all those cards, replace them with something really special that you and your child will actually use for years to come! 


When throwing your baby shower, ask guests to swap their cards for BOOKS! It's Eco-friendly, it's practical, and it builds a little library that will provide days on end of bonding time, creativity, and fun memories. Be sure that each guest signs their book. That way, the books are personalized just like a card.

Some of my fondest memories can be found within the pages of these books!

For Eco-friendly book options that are both adorable AND healthy for your baby and for Mother Earth, click here.

Here's to the start of your very own Baby Book Club. Enjoy! X