Avoiding Kitty Crap While Pregnant


I love my cat Luna like she is my only child. However, her litter box is disgusting. And smelling what's inside that litter box is NOT healthy. And if you're pregnant, then you don't have a choice. You HAVE to stay away from your kitty's potty (to prevent any possibility of contracting toxoplasmosis)! So, to keep the worst smell known to mankind behind closed doors, here is one of my proudest interior design moments: 


Behind this door is our HVAC room. And it holds just enough space for Luna's litter box. If you have a similar room and are able to adjust the door, I highly recommend doing the same thing. 

Luna's mini doorway measures 8.5" W x 11.5" H, but Luna is bigger than most kitties. So, as long as your measurements are proportional to the overall size of your door, these dimensions can be customized. I also added cheap trim, then painted it to match the existing door. The kitty opening would still look great without trim, but because I'm overly picky, I couldn't resist adding this detail. 

Luna's doorway provides her tons of privacy. And she loves it. Moreover, it eliminates the awkward look of a litter box located out in the open, or in the middle of a bathroom. It also eliminates "that cat smell". This kitty doorway takes care of it all. It's the perfect, space saving solution for every fur baby parent. Now, if I could just get someone else to clean Luna's litter box...