How to Plant a Flower Box in 3 Steps

Planting season is upon us + one of the best ways to make that outdoor space feel complete is with flower boxes! They're easy to care for + they're simple to set up. And they POP with natural beauty! So go pick out your fave perennials** and keep scrolling for a step by step guide on how to plant them. It's as easy as 1-2-3...

Before you do anything, line up your flowers on the ground + mix them around to decide how you'd like them arranged in your flower box. ALSO, don't be afraid to get creative with the planter. You can recycle old wine crates, incorporate cool baskets, reuse metal bins, etc. Just make sure your flowers can drain. i.e. drill holes into the bottom of your planter if you have to. Then:

1) If your planter is made of a material that you'd like to keep protected like ours is, line it first with a weed control fabric. This will let water drain through your flowers while preventing the material from direct contact with the wet soil. You can simply cut the lining to size with scissors and staple it to the inside of your planter's walls.

2) Pour potting soil into your lined planter, about half way to the top. 

3) Place your plants inside the planter, on top of the soil. You should leave 6 inches between each plant for room to grow. Then, pour more soil in between and around all your plants, filling in the empty spaces and covering each plants' root system. Then, with your fingers, push the base of each plant down, locking it into place. Then, spread a little bit of soil around each plant (where you just pushed) to get rid of your fingerprints, and whalaa! You've got a beautiful, lively planter that completes any space. Now start watering + enjoy! X

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**I planted perennials because they're less work, since they re-bloom each year. But if you're really going for looks + you don't mind replanting every year, go for annuals. They tend to produce more flowers + bloom for longer periods of time.

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