Custom Ecobabe Smoothie for Beauty + Body.


Smoothies are ideal for every babe, especially those of us on the go. They’re the perfect way to get all the nutrients, antioxidants + fiber your body needs. They make the best snack or breakfast. And you can pack EVERYTHING into a smoothie + still enjoy the taste! However, I v. much prefer making my own smoothies at home. I feel like a lot of smoothies you order at a shop contain sugars you simply don’t need. And what NObody needs is the crash which follows all that unnecessary sugar. **Nor the added dollar signs! Plus, I like having control of what I’m putting into my smoothie.

SO. Remember Emily? The ecobabe who shared her superfood expertise with us a few weeks ago? (*go here for everything you need to know about superfoods!) Well, because she’s also a smoothie expert (+ owns her own superfood company)… I had a thought the other day: What if we could get Emily to whip up a special smoothie recipe just for us ecobabes? We could include everything we need + it could be a recipe we all love + share, just for our own little community!

And you know what? SHE AGREED!!!

So I thought about what we would want in our PERFECT smoothie + here’s what I came up with:

  • Mega skin + beauty benefits for ANTI-AGING

  • Keeps us full until our next meal

  • No added sugars (because that turns into fat)

  • Can drink before or after a workout to help our muscles recover

  • Easy to prep + make

  • Can make multiple at once + not have the spares go bad in the fridge

  • Nice creamy consistency but still contain greens

  • Tastes like YUM

So beauty, health + wellness with a fitness twist that’s efficient to make at home… seems a little impossible / high maintenance huh? Well think again because Emily NAILED it. And then some!!! She took all of our wants + needs + blended it up into one jam packed, delish smoothie that you are going to LOVE.


Here are the exact benefits:


  • Vitamin C for brightening

  • Antioxidants + chlorophyll for fighting free radicals

  • Mega hydration from the inside out

  • Superfoods for a glowing complexion


  • Fiber + protein for keeping you satiated throughout the day (this means less cravings!)

  • No added sugar. And there’s only 1/2 a banana (instead of a full like most smoothies)

  • Protein for stabilizing insulin levels (which translates to zero sugar crashes!)

  • Potassium for muscle recovery

  • Cinnamon for a metabolism boost

  • Adaptogens for reducing stress. This equals a healthy gut, clear skin + less belly fat!


  • Healthy fats so ALL of those nutrients above can be efficiently absorbed

  • Recipe yields 2-3 smoothies, so you only have to clean your blender once :)

  • Super creamy + tastes like berries!


OK here it is!! Screenshot + save to your phone:




Now, if you’d like a creamier smoothie, use non-dairy milk (almond or oat). If you’d like a thinner smoothie, use coconut water. And if you want more of a berry taste, add more berry superfood powder.

I love this recipe because it’s also great for zero waste in the kitchen! Like if your berries are about to brown, or if you make sweet potatoes for the fam the night before… you can use ALL of it (leftovers included!). Just throw it right into the blender :)

Thank you so so much to Emily for developing the most PERFECT smoothie for our ecobabes. I hope you babes like it!!! Please post pics for us when you make it, so we can see our special smoothie in action!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions below + in the meantime, ENJOY this smoothie recipe made just for YOU. X

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