Tips for a Natural Spray Tan.


As we’re coming into Fall, we’re coming into tanning season. But you KNOW we don’t like tanning beds. I wish I had never step foot into one. According to the crepey skin under my eyes ESPECIALLY. (Which BY THE WAY doesn’t run in my family — it is 100% from UV damage. This is literally my biggest regret.)

Instead, I’ve been absolutely loving spray tans!! (Wish I wouldn’t started doing them earlier!) But there are a few tricks you MUST know before getting that good faux glow. Because it is very easy to come out of that booth looking like Kim Kardashian 10 years ago… or Katherine from Southern Charm NOW (sorry Katherine I love you but seriously).

*I should note that I only know these tips + tricks from trial + error. I have also looked like Katherine a few too many times.

Speaking of BOOTHS… the best spray tan you’ll get is from an actual person. However, booths are sometimes cheaper + faster + can be closer to home. So this post is for BOOTH tanning. (Although the PREP is the same either way — scroll below!)

So, here’s how to get the most natural looking, beautiful faux glow from NON-TOXIC, OKAY FOR YOU machines when you don’t have the patience for at-home self tanners. :)


  1. The night before your tan, shave everything you need to shave.

  2. That same night, or on the morning of your tan, exfoliate your ENTIRE body with a salt or sugar scrub OR dry exfoliate with a dry brush.

  3. You can’t have any lotions, deodorant, etc anywhere on your body. So make sure you’ve showered + have clean skin right before you go in.


I prefer the VersaSpa machines ONLY. Here’s why:

  1. Takes 4 minutes. Streak free. Lasts for over a week

  2. Ingredients are all naturally derived + ECO-CERTIFIED!

  3. Solution contains green + brown marine algae which oxygenates, detoxifies + rejuvenates the skin for the most beautiful tan

  4. You don’t smell afterwards! Most self tanning solutions, wether at home or at the spa, make you smell like B.O. No one wants that

OK so once you’re at the spa/salon + you’ve asked for the VersaSpa here’s what you do:

  1. Wear loose clothing.

  2. Start slow — order the least amount of tan. Say you just want a ‘glow’ so you can use this as a test run to see if you want to go darker next time (or not!) I always order a level 1 + it’s perfect.

  3. Once you’re in the VersaSpa room, de-robe. Everything. No tan lines!

  4. Take off EVERY piece of jewelry

  5. Apply the lotion they provide to the bottom of your feet, in between your toes + on your toe nails

  6. Apply that same lotion to the palm of your hands, in between your fingers + on your fingernails


    1. If you have sunspots/freckles, I’d highly suggest covering your face because the tanning solution will DARKEN those spots

  8. Throw the provided towel onto the floor of the machine. Step on it.

  9. Follow the directions the tanning machine gives you. Here’s how to do your hands. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, so you don’t end up with Katherine-esque hands:

    1. While facing the sprayers (+ your frontside is being sprayed), make a claw with your hands

    2. While facing away from the sprayers (+ your backside is being sprayed), instead of leaving your hands straight down like the machine suggests, flip them up, making an L. This way, the sprayers won’t be able to reach your palms. The spray will stop at your wrists.

  10. Step out of the machine + use the provided towelette to wipe away the lotion you applied. Put your clothes/jewelry back on + be on your merry way!

If you’ve heard about washing your hands right after your tanning sesh, I’ve done this + it looked terrible. You need the solution to stay on the back of your hands so it’ll develop with the rest of your skin. Otherwise, your arms will be tan + your hands will be ghost white.


  1. If you start getting too tan, just shower. That will stop the tan from developing any further.

  2. I try not to shave afterwards for as long as possible. No exfoliation either. Not even a loofah! You want that tan to last.

  3. Use your second-best sheets that night. Out of all the solutions I’ve tried, VersaSpa comes off the LEAST. But you still might get a small streak on your sheets if you sweat at night. But don’t worry, it’ll wash right out!


That’s it babes! As i’m writing this, I’m thinking that a video may be helpful. But let me know — hopefully this post is easy to understand. There’s just a ton of tips. But the more times you tan, these tips will become second nature — I promise!! If you have any questions, ask away below. Don’t be shy!!

Here’s to that perfect golden glow, whenever YOU want. X

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