The Only 2 Vitamins You ACTUALLY Need.


OK VITAMINS. I’ve been dying to share this with you babes because 1. it’s really f-ing important + 2. I’ve made so many mistakes with my supplements that I want you to learn from my poor judgement calls!

So here’s what happened:

I’ve always believed in supplements but have never really known exactly what to take, when to take it, etc etc. As a woman, supplements are just really important. Especially when you’re anemic like I am.

I also wanted extra skin benefits + extra immunity in my supplements. So I turned to Care/Of, which DID NOT WORK FOR ME. But here’s why:

I really like this company, as you take a quiz + according to your answers, they package up everything they think you need on a daily basis, put them into individual, daily packets + ship them out to you. Super easy. Very efficient. And I think they do a good job of sourcing high quality ingredients. But here’s the thing…

How are YOU supposed to know exactly what your body needs? Just because your mom has calcium issues like Care/Of asks on that quiz, does not mean that you should be taking THREE calcium pills every day. (Which was what ended up happening to me!) According to my quiz results, Care/Of put 3 calcium pills into my daily vitamin packets. 3 calcium supplements + EIGHT other vitamins. That’s ELEVEN vitamins every single day. Not to mention the plastic pollution you’re creating with those individual packets. AND too much of certain supplements, like CALCIUM, can actually cause your body harm. So then, I was throwing away 2 calcium pills every day, along with all that packaging. And just cringing at ALL of this.

Oh + I have this thing where if the vitamin isn’t a capsule + it’s in PILL form, it makes me severely nauseous. Like lay down on the couch, can’t move nauseous. So with these packets, I was dividing the pills from the capsules + only taking the capsules during the day. Then, I’d take the pill at night so if the nausea came up, I could just go to sleep.


So then I smarted up + headed to my gynocologist. There, I took a full blood panel + asked what I should I do with my supplement regimen. And no joke babes, she said verbatim,


So that’s EXACTLY what I did. Except, I made one more mistake along the way. So make sure you continue reading.

But back to the prenatal. I searched high + low for the most quality but also affordable prenatal. I also enlisted my friend Emily Sowski, a certified holistic wellness coach. She just knows more than I do when it comes to these types of things. (click here for her expertise on superfoods!!) Because… you know us babes, if we don’t know about something, we engage an expert. So, Emily recommended this ONE prenatal. I’ve been taking it for over a month now (twice a day) + have been LOVING it.



*as a woman before reaching menopause

  • They contain all the minerals + nutrients you need on a daily basis, including calcium + iron

  • They contain extra vitamin dosages for immunity, like Vitamin C + zinc

    Tthey contain the right amount of biotin for healthy skin + nails

  • They contain probiotics, which every woman NEEDS for a healthy gut + vagina, as well as for overall health

But we have to stress good. Because you really should be buying WHOLE FOOD vitamins. Which means the supplement is made with whole foods. No processing. No crap.


  • You can take them on an empty stomach at any time of day (haven’t gotten sick yet!!!)

  • Super efficient, as they contain everything you need all in one quick swoop / drink of water

  • Made without GMOs, tested for 125 herbicides + pesticides and they’re free of gluten, dairy + soy

  • Certified B Corp, Certified Glyphosate Residue Free + Certified Kosher

  • Premium supplements made with REAL FOOD + added nutrients

  • They also partner with trusted farmers who are committed to organic + regenerative agriculture

And guess what — you can buy this vitamin on Amazon!!!! Rejoice — am I right.

So here’s the other mistake that I really need to share:

Just because your prenatal contains probiotics, YOU STILL NEED TO BE TAKING A SEPARATE PROBIOTIC for ultimate internal care.

I made this mistake (I quit my regular probiotics because I started taking the prenatal) + you know what I ended up with?

A yeast infection.

So be sure to take your probiotics along with your prenatal!



  • My gynecologist recommends it

  • They’re vegetarian + RAW

  • They contain 8 different probiotic strains to maintain a healthy yeast balance, as opposed to only 6 strands (goodbye yeast infections!)

Now, the only other thing I’m going to start taking in addition to my prenatal + probiotic, is a vitamin for blue light support. I’m obsessed with the notion that we need to be taking extra steps for our poor eyes due to all this blue light. Our eyes haven’t evolved yet to handle all the screen time we endure from our phones, computers + tv’s. Blue light penetrates your skin + eyes deeper than UVA + UVB rays combined + I swear… we don’t even know how much damage we’re causing ourselves yet. So why not give your eyes a little HELP?


These supplements contain lutein + Zeaxanthin, which are the ONLY nutrients that will filter blue light. Just be sure to consult your doctor before taking ANY of these! I recommend your gynecologist, as he/she understands hormone + flora health more than your standard family doctor.

So 2-3 vitamins daily + you’re all set. You’re getting everything you need (hopefully your doctor agrees!), you’re not polluting the environment + you’re not overloading your day + bogging down your mind with how, what + when you have to take your supplements!

If you have any questions babes, ask away below!!! I LOVE hearing from you! And again, please remember that I am not your doctor. However, I have gotten this information from my doctor, whom I trust to the moon + back. But you should DEFINITELY get a blood panel first, before changing anything in your vitamin regimen. Once you do that, be sure to ask your doc about prenatals! Because I’ll tell you what… I’m never looking back. And I can’t believe I took so many unnecessary supplements for oh, so. long.

Here’s to our STREAMLINED health. Which equals our wealth. Which equals EVERYTHING!! X

P.S. If you live in L.A. + want to go to the best gyno ever, DM me or comment below. I’ll send you her info. She DOES take insurance!

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