How to Remove Your Makeup at Night.


If there is ONE thing for your skin (besides wearing SPF) that’s MOST important, it’s GOT to be washing your face at night… removing all that makeup, unclogging your pores + setting your skin up for success to heal + restore at night.

I know skincare seems more complicated than William + Kate’s current relationship with Harry + Meghan…

But it’s really not. I promise. Just as long as you know exactly what your skin needs.

Nighttime skin routines are all about cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating + giving your skin the nutrients it needs to rebuild collagen + recover from all those daytime environmental stressors (like sun + pollution).

So, I decided to show you my exact routine, after a heavy makeup day. I do have to tell you that normally, I would FIRST remove my eye makeup with Beautycounter’s makeup remover (the best one I’ve ever used). Then, I would double cleanse my face. This means I’d FIRST cleanse with a cleansing balm, then continue with what you see in the video. For the balm, I’d remove it with a hot washcloth. Balms also make washing your neck super easy without getting water everywhere + I love how gentle they are on your skin. I wanted this video to be as short as possible, so I skipped these steps.

So, other than double cleansing + removing my eye makeup, this routine checks off all those items on our PM skincare list. Push play for the video + peep the product details below, with specifics on what they do for your face! There’s some good skin tips down there, too 👇🏻 Enjoy X


Washly’s The Glove

These gloves really deep clean your skin, more than a washcloth does. So I like to use my Washly’s on these heavier makeup days.

*To order, email Ashly at:

*TIP: always start off by washing your hands first, before you touch your face!

Lather AHA Cleansing Cream

You don’t have to use a physical exfoliator to exfoliate. You can also use acids (many acids are derived from fruit) in conjunction with washcloths + your Washly’s. This Alpha Hydroxy ACID cleanser is a cream (as opposed to a serum consistency) so it exfoliates but doesn’t dry your skin out. Creams are ideal for dry skin types + everyone in the winter + fall.


Caudalie Concentrate

Because I have super dry skin + I just exfoliated with my Washly’s + my AHA cleanser, I like a ‘toner’ that doesn’t necessarily tone, but instead preps my skin for the products I’m about to apply. This one brightens your skin, too.


Beautycounter Brightening Mask

This is where you do all your treatments, from anti-aging like retinol to anti-acne like salicylic acid serum. I’m choosing an anti-oxidant mask since I wore makeup all day + my skin is dry. This one balances + brightens, as well.

*TIP: always remove your masks with a hot washcloth. Gets every last bit + it feels like you just got out of a facial.


Honest Beauty Facial Oil

Oils are key to hydrating your skin at night, as your skin loses a lot of moisture while you sleep. Oils also penetrate your skin deeper than lotions do. You should be using an oil even if you have oily skin!!

*TIP: Often times breakouts happen because your skin is too dry, so your glands overproduce oil, in turn clogging your pores + breaking you out. If you stay on top of the hydration/oil (+ keeping your pores unclogged), you’ll have much clearer skin.


Honest Beauty Plumping Eye Cream

I love eye creams that plump but don’t give me milia (those little tiny bumps that form under your eye from being clogged). This one does a good job at both + it’s affordable.


Naturopathica Calendula Cream

I like a thick cream for nighttime. It keeps me hydrated longer. This one has calendula in it, which has been used on cancer patients for healing wounds after radiation. It’s also v anti-inflammatory, which is perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Honest Beauty Elevation Mist

I love using a mist to lock everything in. This one is made with hyaluronic acid, which is THE ingredient we all need as we age.

*TIP: Our bodies stop producing hyaluronic acid as soon as we hit our 30’s. This is why our faces become hollow.

So, if my face needs an extra dose of moisture, I also add a hyaluronic acid serum to my calendula cream. I mix the 2 together in my hand, then apply to my face.


Beautycounter Lip Conditioner

No lip glosses poppin at night!

You need a conditioner or balm to keep your kisser hydrated + smooth while you sleep. This one tastes like peppermint, which is nice for slipping into bed.

The highlighted sections are the steps EVERYONE should take at night, no matter your skin type. You can switch the actual products in and out, depending on what your skin needs each time. Meaning if it’s super dry, if it’s broken out, if you want more wrinkle-control lol, etc. For the TREAT section, I rotate between retinol + extra hydration each night :)

What are your fave nighttime products??? ALSO, I just discovered a new beauty oil that’s insannnnne. I’ll blog about it soon. I can’t wait to show you Babes!!

Here’s to going to bed with clean, hydrated skin + waking up with clear skin that glows, just how you like it to! If you have any questions, drop a comment below. Goodnight X

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