The Secret Ingredient Your Skin Has Been Missing: GIVEAWAY.


OK Babes!!! There’s a new skin superfood on the horizon + I’ve had my hands on it for a few months now. After using it every single night, traveling with it, experimenting with it + really diving into it… I’m super excited to say:

It IS worth the hype. And it is EVERYTHING.

So what’s this secret superfood I’ve been holding onto so dearly?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s a tiny leaf with a long stem. It’s mainly found in salads. And it’s grown in water.

It's... Watercress!

Now, when I was first told about watercress, I imagined those white round things in Chinese food. But that’s water chestnut. WaterCRESS is this little leafy green that packs a mega PUNCH in keeping us young. It’s basically the new kale. And if I were a betting babe, I’d bet it’s going to surpass it’s very underrated status + probably pass kale in the health benefit race. I mean, there’s a reason Hippocrates (the infamous Greek father of medicine) selected the location of his first hospital based on its proximity to a stream where watercress grew.

So how do you get your hands on it? Well, I’ve been purchasing my watercress from Erewhon (an annoyingly bougie but really addictive, local grocery store). I’ve been adding it to my green smoothies.


But you don’t have to eat watercress to see its incredible anti-aging properties. You can also reap its benefits by applying it to your skin… in the form of OIL!!! And THIS oil babes, is hands down, 100 million percent the BEST oil I’ve ever used. I’m addicted. It is like liquid gold. I’m not joking.

I didn’t even make this product + I feel like it’s my baby. THAT’S how much I love it. And how much I truly believe in it.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, lets take a second to discuss why we should be using oil in our nightly skincare regimen, no matter our skin type.

Here's why oil is an absolute MUST:

✕ Locks in moisture + extra nourishment with DEEP hydration

✕ Promotes that coveted, radiant glow

✕ Helps protect from environmental stressors by repairing skin’s barrier function

✕ Plumps + firms

✕ Reduces acne by topically controlling sebum production

✕ Gentle yet effective because oils contain skin-identical ingredients

✕ Ingredients are concentrated + naturally derived

See why oils are simply unbeatable? They control acne for oily skin, they calm + protect for sensitive skin + they intensely hydrate for dry skin. Literally, all the things!!

SKIN TIP: if you have oily skin, only apply oil at night.

SKIN TIP: if your foundation is highlighting your flakey dry skin, apply oil first, under that foundation.

SKIN TIP: if you use retinols for anti-aging or medication for acne, oils are especially important for you, as they return moisture to your skin that those prescriptions have depleted. And as we know, dry skin = wrinkles. NO THANK YOU!


Now, for the moment I’ve been waiting for… THIS is my favorite oil:

It’s luxe, it’s thick, yet it’s lightweight + not greasy at all. It smells incredible + it really WORKS. Oh, + it’s affordable + lasts a VERY long time. AHHHH I wish I was Oprah because I would seriously hand one of these oils out to EACH of you!!! I just can’t wait for you to feel + SEE what I’m talking about!

So here’s the Sacred Mama story:

Judy’s father is a farmer whom, alongside her grandfather, owned + operated watercress farms throughout the state of California. Now, it just so happens that these men have always had amazing skin. So when Judy grew up, she got to thinking: why does her family have such young, supple skin? And then she realized, everyone on that farm ate watercress each + every day. So she got to researching. And then, she got to creating.

And so, Sacred Mama was born. And then came her Superfood Beauty Oil made with.. you guessed it: watercress.


Watercress is ideal for your skin because:

✕ It’s grown on water — it’s a humectant, so it’s super hydrating

✕ Boosts Type III Collagen production, which we start losing in our 30’s

✕ Rich in vitamins A + C, which fight free radicals that cause premature aging

✕ Contains more vitamin C than an orange, calming redness + irritation

✕ Can lessen signs of scars

✕ Penetrates your skin’s dermal layers, so your skin REALLY soaks in all of these benefits

And with all the other ingredients Judy geniusly combined with her watercress oil (like cannibis sativa + calendula flower), this Superfood Beauty Oil is like the super bloom of skincare.

Here's why we should all be using this specific oil:

✕ Deep hydration for a supple, youthful appearance

✕ Boosts collagen & skin elasticity

✕ Reduces inflammation

✕ Improves tone + texture

It’s everything we look for in anti-aging skincare, all in one little bottle, filled with clean ingredients that we can trust: from farm to face ♡


So, the true test for me was taking this Beauty Oil home to Michigan. I have really dry skin + typically when I go home, the environmental change is way too much for my face. I will either break out or I’ll get patches of severely dry skin, almost eczema-like patches. And you know what happened, during this trip, when I applied my Beauty Oil every night?

My skin was NICE… for once!!! It was balanced, it was hydrated, it was dewy + it was clear. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Neither could my mom (who also loves this oil now). After that, I was hooked — It was that one product I had been missing.

And since I don’t want your skin missing out on this beautiful product any longer….

One of you will win your own Sacred Mama Beauty Oil!

YAY!!! All you have to do is leave a comment below, telling me why you’d love to win this holy grail bottle of liquid gold :)

Then, follow @sacredmamaorganics on Instagram + tag 2 of your babes on this pic.

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Let me know if you have any questions! I’m so excited for you to try my fave Beauty Oil, which you can also shop right here. And I feel SO much better getting this secret off my chest lol! You know I can’t keep things from my babes!! Winner will be chosen Monday. Goodluck!! X

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+ + This post is sponsored, but I stand by every word I’ve said + use my oil every single night.

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