Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin: P.M.


We’ve been talking a lot about skincare lately, especially over on my DM’s. And as I was just doing my nighttime routine, I thought “why don’t I break this down by product for my babes”. So here we are. It’s actually 10:15 pm right now, so perfect timing :)

As you know from this blog + this blog, nighttime routines are all about cleansing, healing, hydrating + regenerating. And the ideal time to apply your PM skincare regimen is between 9-11 pm, when your body + skin are both winding down. Your skin is more receptive to products during this time block.

So go here for the exact order you should be applying your skincare at night for maximum results + peep my current faves below! (click on the photos to shop!)

*You know I’m your human guinea pig for skincare, so these products are tried + tested + work v. effectively for dry skin!



TIP: remove with a hot washcloth. You’ll feel so clean + refreshed without that stripped ‘squeaky clean’ feeling

TIP: on heavy makeup days, I follow with a cream cleanser for a deeper, double cleanse (Lather or Beautycounter)



Eye Cream.




TIP: use this in place of hydroquinone (which is banned in other countries) for skin brightening


TIP: use this in place of retinol (up to 3 times a week) for a light chemical peel for skin texture aka anti-aging

TIP: use this serum on days you want an extra dose of deep hydration for PLUMP skin (so every day!!!)



TIP: the proper way to apply oil is to rub a few drops between your hands, then pat onto your face. No rubbing! And go here if you’d like specifics on this oil that I call ‘Liquid Gold’.





TIP: Always go to bed with hydrated lips. Never hydrate them with gloss. Balm or conditioner always!

I’m 35 years old with very dry skin + tons of sun damage. And I’ve finally figured out the balance my skin needs between exfoliation + hydration. It’s really easy to over-exfoliate + over-treat your skin. Like, we want results + we want them NOW. But in all actuality, skin can be sensitive + delicate, so we need to be respectful of that if we want those results. I one million percent believe in anti-aging treatments (btw if you’d like to add in a really good, safe retinol serum once a week, use this one: Sanitas RejuvenA) but I’ve also seen that my skin needs those treatments in a gentle way. So these are the products that I’m obsessed with, for those exact reasons: they’re healthy, they’re gentle + they’re effective.

What are your current faves for night? Leave a comment below! And if you’d like to see my daytime products, LMK about that, too. Absolutely LOVE talking skincare with you babes. Thanks for reading + goodnight X

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