The RIGHT Way to Shave Your Face + Zero Razor Burn Secret.


Ok the jig is up, I SHAVE MY FACE. Ain’t no shame in my razor game y’all! (sorry I just got back from Nashville)

Actually, I’ve been shaving my face for 4 years now. And I’ve heard from many of you babes that you’re also interested in shaving your face. So, here’s how it happened for me:

We all know that beauty icons Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor + Cleopatra used to shave their faces. So does skin guru Kate Sommerville. But I was always too scared to give it a try (despite the beard of blonde peach fuzz on my cheeks)… Until I went in for a facial from my girl Leona. Leona had been prepping my skin for my wedding day, so she asked if she could give me a quick shave because she knew I’d love it. I was SUPER hesitant. It took me 1/2 an hour to make a decision, but ultimately I trusted her. She promised my skin + makeup would look a million times better on my big day. And you know what?

It did.

And I’ve never looked back.


Does it hurt?


Will your hair grow back thicker + darker?

Not at all!!! Your facial hair is different than the rest of the hair on your body. I’ve seen zero difference in my facial hair color, coarseness, thickness, etc. since starting my shave journey 4 years ago.

How many times do you have to do it?

It depends on how fast your hair grows. I shave once a week. (I also have this little guy for touchups in between)

How long does it take?

About 5 minutes from start to finish.

What are the benefits?

This is the best question ever, so I’m going to highlight this one. See below. Ah there are SO many good things that result from facial shaving!!!


🔍 EXFOLIATION. Think about a man’s face. They age slower than women. They have less neck wrinkles than women. That’s because they are exfoliating on the daily. The light exfoliation you get from shaving is amazing. Like, your skin will GLOW afterwards. Not to be gross, but I always see dead skin flakes on my razor after I shave. It’s just the best.

🔍 ANTI-AGING. This results from all that good exfoliation.

🔍 DEW. Your skin is so happy afterwards, it just shines with that dewy plumpness. It’s like getting a facial. (In fact, if I have an event I’ll wait to shave my face that same day!)

🔍 MAKEUP. Because your makeup doesn’t have all those small hairs to cling to anymore, it really melts into your skin. THIS IS HOW HOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES HAVE FLAWLESS MAKEUP APPLICATIONS UP CLOSE. Your makeup game will immediately rise like 100 levels.

🔍 NO MAKEUP. No makeup days are our favorite kind of days. But confident makeup-free days always start with good skincare. And part of that nice foundation is no peach fuzz!! Not only does no facial hair give you that youthful glow, but it also looks WAYYYYY better in the sunlight.

Trust me. Once you start shaving, you’ll notice EVERYONE around you who doesn’t.

So, here’s how to do it. I see a LOT of content around shaving your face as a female. And everyone has their own way of doing things. But some tips (like shaving upwards — omg omgomgomgomg NO don’t do this!) can give you major razor burn + your skin will NOT be happy.

Leona taught me the correct way to shave your face way back when + since then, I’ve added one simple thing into my shaving regimen: it’s very much borrowed from the boys, + it very much WORKS. So press play, see how it’s done + see below for the specific products + tips I swear by!!


  1. Start with a CLEAN, DRY face. ONLY SHAVE AFTER A WARM SHOWER. (I will never shave after just a face wash in the sink — only after a SHOWER). This way, your pores are naturally opened up by all that steam, so your hair follicles will more easily let go + be razored off.

  2. Hold your beauty blade at a 45 DEGREE ANGLE + use LIGHT, GENTLE strokes DOWN your face anywhere you have unwanted hair. Be careful. These blades are sharp. They don’t take a lot of pressure to do their job. Be gentle. And always shave DOWNWARDS. (otherwise you could get razor burn in a flash) I also shave around + in-between my eyebrows.

  3. Rinse your beauty blade with rubbing alcohol on both sides. This allows you to reuse your blade a few more times + be more eco. I haven’t found any sustainable razor options yet, but reusing them helps in our quest for a lesser carbon footprint. The rubbing alcohol cleans + disinfects your blade.

  4. On a reusable face round, sprinkle your TEND SKIN.


    Tend Skin is toxic 12 free. It’s for razor bumps. And it’s straight from the shelves of most proper barbershops. It really works. And I can attest, you DON’T want razor burn on your face. It sucks. So after you’ve dabbed Tend Skin all over the areas you’ve just shaved, wait.

  5. Wait for a few minutes. Let the Tend Skin soak in. It may burn a little. That’s normal.

  6. Splash ICE COLD water on your face. This rinses off that Tend Skin AND closes your pores, which is the last step in ensuring your skin won’t be irritated. Pat your face dry with a towel.

  7. Lastly, hydrate your skin with something YUMMY. I love this vitamin C serum because it’s ultra dewy + moisturizing + my skin LOVES it.

  8. Finish your skincare routine with all your normal products (no retinol or exfoliating products until the next day). Go about your day with INCREDIBLE skin.

  9. Done


Any questions babes? You’ve been wanting this tutorial for some time now, so I hope it helps + adds value for you! Just comment below — as always, I’m here for you!! Happy Shaving X

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