How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays.


YAY the Holidays are HERE Babes! Are you swimming in hot chocolate, cozy slippers, sparkly lights + so. much. Christmas music?!

Same!! Ahhh literally the best time of year. (BTW the 98 degrees Xmas album is still my absolute fave)

But. I have one big holiday bone to pick…

Because I can’t STAND when bloggers + outlets write about how to STAY SKINNY or how to NOT GAIN WEIGHT over the Holidays. Seriously? Like, I’d rather run full speed into a red (+ green) brick wall.

Here’s the thing: ecobabe is all about honesty + authenticity + HONESTLY…

You only live once.

The Holidays are all about celebration! And which celebration do YOU know that goes without delish food + drink?

You need to treat yourself.

If you don’t gain not even 1 single pound over the holidays, then I am sending you a basket full of sugar cookies (but organic ones).


OK you get the point. It’s just so annoying because ‘staying skinny’ over the Holidays isn’t realistic for most of us. Workouts fall to the wayside. So does our self control. And you know what? Our self control SHOULD lessen. We work our asses off all year long to stay healthy. You have to reward all of that hard work. Not to mention, some of us babes could care less about Holiday weight. We all have different body types. Different tastes. Different priorities. And you know what? THAT’S OK.

I want you beautiful babes to ENJOY your Holidays.

But. All this being said, I don’t want you to feel like complete crap over Christmas. So. Here are the 5 things that really truly help me stay healthy + feeling good every Holiday season, in order of how I use them throughout the day.

Because no matter which city I’m in, you’ll find me in the kitchen. Eating. And drinking alcohol.


✖️ Intermittent Fasting

If you don’t know about Intermittent Fasting, click here: it’s everything you need to know about I.F., in Layman’s Terms.

Intermittent Fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting + eating. It doesn’t tell you WHAT to eat, but rather WHEN. You have to fast for 16 hours between your last meal of the day + your first meal of the NEXT day.

I’ve been Intermittent Fasting for months + even though it SOUNDS crazy, it’s not. It’s simple, it’s easy + it’s the best way to keep your weight consistent, your energy high + your indulging fun, especially throughout this sugary season! When you intermittent fast, you basically skip breakfast (but you can have coffee + tea in the morning). Which means you reduce your calorie intake by 1/3. You’re ingesting less calories + still burning more of them. Which also means that you can have that caramel corn, cheese plate AND Santa Claus cookie because you have less calories in your system as a whole.

It’s a way of balancing everything out + not having to feel guilty. And it works.

While I’m fasting in the morning + having my black coffee…

✖️ CoreSelf

I know you’ve heard me preach about CoreSelf, but it’s because I really truly believe in it! CoreSelf is an online pilates program you can do from anywhere — all you need is a yoga mat + a screen. Our instructor, Brooke makes us feel like we’re in a private session + it’s for ALL ages, ALL levels. My mom + I will be practicing our CoreSelf together starting next week! And the classes range from an hour to just 10 minutes. So whatever you have time for each day, there’s a CoreSelf class that fits the bill. And trust me, you will feel SO good afterwards! You’ll be stretched out, you’ll have peace of mind + you’ll have more energy. (+ you won’t be trekking to the gym in the cold!)

I spoke to the CoreSelf team + they’re offering you babes a special Holiday promo!! Use code ECOBABE15 for 15% off the monthly classes!! That’s only $32 for all the classes you can fit in in a month!! Click here to subscribe.

After I’m done with my coffee + workout…

✖️ Water

I chug water all throughout the day. Like, I have a glass by me at all times.

Holiday travel +/or stress can lead to major dehydration. Aside from the obvious reasons you don’t want your body to be dehydrated, this lack of water in your system can also lead to increased cortisol levels (NO!), headaches, mood swings + energy loss.

So, replenishing yourself with extra aqua throughout the day is v important. Mentally, water improves processing of brain chemicals like serotonin + physically, if your body is fully hydrated, you’ll usually eat less. Score.

While getting tipsy: the rule of thumb is to drink 1 glass of water for every 1 glass of alcohol. Which is hard to do, especially if you’re at a bar. So. If you don’t follow this rule, make SURE you chug tons of water before you go to bed.

TIP: I take vitamins before bed, so this helps me drink more water at night.

While I’m sipping extra water…

✖️ Sugar

You have to choose your sugar battles! Like… if you’re snacking on Holiday sweets, balance your sugar intake with less sugary cocktails. For instance, pass on the eggnog + pour yourself a glass of Kahlua topped with nut milk + cinnamon instead!

Obviously tequila is the best alcohol to drink, sugar-wise. But if you’re like me + NOT the biggest tequila lover… here’s a low-sugar vodka concoction from my favorite FARM to BAR cocktail company, Authentic Cocktails:

Partridge In A Pear Tree

  • 1.5 oz vodka (I prefer Tito’s)

  • 1 oz organic pear puree

  • 3/4 oz organic lemon juice

  • 1/2 oz elderflower liquor

  • 1/2 agave nectar

  • Top with soda + garnish with grated cinnamon. YUM.

(By the way, if you live in LA + need cocktail catering, you should DEF hire Authentic Cocktails)

You can also choose your sugar battles with food, if you’re one of those babes who just can’t give up the Holiday spirits she’s been looking forward to all year.

For example, nix dipping big chunks of bread into that melted brie + sub apple slices instead (white carbs like bread turn to sugar in your body). Go for the section of yams withOUT the marshmallows. See? Totally doable. You just have to be cognizant of what you’re putting into your body.

Then for the most important tip…

✖️ Sleep

Sleeping is literally the difference between good days + bad days. Sleep reduces stress, improves mood + concentration, strengthens the immune system, keeps weight consistent + even ups the chances of getting along with other people! All essential things during the Holidays haha!

So, do whatever you have to do to get a good night’s sleep! If that means taking a warm bath before bed, do it. Add rose + lavender oils for some extra calm. If that means setting aside 20 minutes to read a book, do it. If that means winding down with chamomile tea, do it.

(Click here for why it is SO important to drink ORGANIC tea, otherwise you’re basically sipping on plastic.)

I also love melatonin, to make you sleepy naturally. GREAT for travel. I swear by these:


I hope you have the coziest, happiest of Holidays babes! Let me know if you try any of these tips + remember… CELEBRATE. You deserve it.

Sending you love, peace + lots of good food this Holiday season X


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