Chic Gift Wrap DIY with Things From Around the House.


4 million tons of waste is generated from gift wrap + shopping bags each year, in the United States alone.

Knowing this INSANE fact, along with the fact that us busy babes are probably last minute with our gift wrapping, makes us think twice about trekking to the store to buy wrapping paper, bows + all the gift wrap fixings. What can we use at home + still make these presents look pretty?

Well, I have just the thing to save the day!

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’ll give you more time to spend on what’s important this Christmas + it only costs 10 cents — YUP. We’re upcycling all those brown paper bags that are cluttering up that cabinet beneath your sink!!

I actually prefer the look of natural gift wrap, jazzed up with Christmas-y decor. There’s just something unique + old fashioned about it. Like, it looks like your present was delivered by sleigh. You know? There’s really nothing chicer. And after your gift has been opened, you know the paper is 100% recyclable. (Many holiday papers are NOT recyclable due to metallic, glitter, flocking, etc.)

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Gently pull off the handles

  2. Using scissors, cut down the middle seam of either side + around the bottom

  3. Recycle the bottom piece

  4. Wrap your package, making sure to fold over the main edge (the piece that goes down the middle of your package) so you have a nice, clean line

  5. Have fun decorating!

SIDE NOTE: for bigger packages, use a bigger brown paper bag. West Elm + Buy Buy Baby bags work perfectly!

After you’ve wrapped your package, use twine, string or an old ribbon to tie it up with a pretty little bow.

TIP: for strings, go around your package multiple times, then tie with a knot.

Then for the fun part: add gift tags + anything else from around the house. I love sprigs from your Christmas tree or from your rosemary garden! I also love bells, cinnamon sticks, holly with berries, pine cones + old ornaments. You can even attach an old photo with a tiny laundry clip. You can pretty much recycle anything + everything here.


SO pretty, right? And so easy! It’s actually pretty fun to go around your house + see what you can get rid of. And by wrapping your gifts this way, they look even more customized + special.

I’d love to see your versions of this natural gift wrap! Let’s show the world how chic it is to upcycle + not be part of the wrapping paper waste problem. So tag #ecobabe in all your present pics + enjoy wrapping this weekend!

Happy Holidays Babes X

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