New Skincare Trends You'll Love This Year.


OK babes it’s the new year, which means new trends. Especially in the skincare space. They say people are getting more + more interested in taking the holistic approach to beauty + getting savvier + savvier as to what they put in + on their bodies.

Therefore, healthy skin (from the inside out) will have the spotlight in 2019.

Obviously you babes are already into the natural approach to your glow. But this news makes me sooo happy!! More babes on board!! WOO WOO

That being said, I also want you babes to be the MOST skin savvy of them all. And there’s only one way to do that: be IN THE KNOW. So here’s the heads up on skincare trends that are forecasted to make it big this year…

✖️ Streamlined Routines

The pros say it’ll be back to basics for skincare companies. Which we are PUMPED about because all this extra stuff is both expensive + overwhelming. This year, the brands you love will refocus on what’s most important — cleansing, toning + moisturizing.

The tip I’m always giving on how to save on skincare: stick to 1 or 2 brands. Once you find a brand that works well with your skin, order all the products you need from them. Here’s why: everyone’s skin is different. Instead of spending loads of money on all these different products from all these different brands that are all going to react to your skin differently, forcing you to order more products from other brands in the long run, you’re ordering just the products you need from the few brands you like. Because if you love one brand’s product, you’re bound to love their other formulas + they’re bound to give your skin exactly what it wants. And now, this focus on streamlined routines will make this SO easy for us YAY!!

ALSO, go here for pro tips from my facialist. She has a very streamlined skincare routine + she breaks it ALL down in this simple video.

✖️ Bigger, Better SPF’s

At this point, we’re all well aware that SPF is THE key to anti-aging. And people in 2019 are expected to take FULL advantage. Babes will be opting for higher SPF’s + using at-home, self tanners instead of those tanning beds that gave me all this texture under my eyes :( Moreover, as a response to global warming + the deterioration of our great coral reefs, sunblock companies will be marketing formulas without toxic chemicals like oxybenzone.

Go here for my fave, safe sunscreens that also majorly multi-task.

✖️ Anti-Pollutant Skincare

As evidence mounts, it’s pretty clear that environmental pollution isn’t just bad for your lungs… it’s also terrible for your skin. Pollutants cause more pigmentation, wrinkles + redness. So as we kick off the new year, make sure you’ve got at least one product in your skincare arsenal that protects your skin from environmental aggressors (THIS INCLUDES BLUE LIGHT) + repairs any damage from it.

✖️ Professional Products

You know how I always say I prefer skincare brands who marry botanical + science? Well, the beauty world is coming my way. This year, babes will be upgrading to more professional products. Meaning those that are clinically backed. This is especially important in anti-aging, as more medical grade products will have better cell signaling which produces collagen more effectively.

✖️ Light Therapy

Light therapy is nothing new. However, as research continues to uncover more benefits to light therapy, this technique is expected to light UP 2019. LED’s are popular because you can combine different colors of light to treat different skin conditions like acne, inflammation, pigmentation + anti-aging. Light therapy also helps speed up your results. Ummm Beam Me Up!

✖️ Beauty Supplements

Now more than ever, we believe our diets greatly affect our skin. What’s happening on the outside of our bodies is basically a map to what’s happening on the inside. So in addition to decreasing dairy + sugar in diets for clearer skin, babes will be adding beauty supplements to their daily regimen. If you’re in the market for one, go for fish oil, B3, biotin + zinc. I mean… why not, right?

✖️ More Clean Beauty

With this increased interest in what we’re putting into our bodies, babes will also be doing their due diligence when it comes to their beauty routines. This means checking every last ingredient. And the beauty industry has taken note. More ingredient labels will include what the product is made ‘without’ (like parabens, etc). And more skincare companies will lean towards cleaner recipes + more transparency in general.

✖️ There’s an App for That

As technology gets smarter, we get more apps. And this year is supposed to be the year of SKIN apps. This means when you have a skin condition, you’ll be able to record, track + receive professional advice… all from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, they’ll be a wave of new SMART beauty tools. Think wireless, portable + easy to fold into your existing routine. So fun!

This year, it’s out with the old, in with the new. We don’t like that word in our skincare book anyway. LOL

Here’s to being the savviest when it comes to your skin!! Happy New Year X

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+ + Photography by Angela Whitworth

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