4 Health Fads to Fade in 2019.


Health fads come + go. And each year, I’m always more than pleased to see a few of these fads go…

Remember that shake weight that was so AKWARD none of us wanted to order it? (still wondering if that thing actually works… ) Those leg toning sneakers that KILLED when you wore them? The Fat-Free everything diet that was substituted with LOADS of sugar instead? And OMG what about the cotton ball diet? Seems like a dangerous no-brainer, but people still did it…

Well, the can’t-believe-it health crazes keep on coming. And last year was no different.

These are the health fads that are SO 2018:

✖️ Vitamin IV Drips

Whenever I would get a drip for a hangover or cold, my doctor friend would always tell me that I was wasting my money. And I think he may be right. Even though celebs like Kendall Jenner + Lisa Rinna are big fans of the IV Drip, studies really haven’t been done on the effectiveness of these procedures. And the FDA does NOT regulate them. This means your vitamin concoction is completely up to the administrator. Moreover, if you receive a drip from an untrained professional, you could acquire complications like an infection or even a blood clot.

Think I’ll stick to Helen Miran’s hangover cure instead: a Pepsi Cola + Tylenol.

✖️ Appetite Suppressant Lollipops


Kim Kardashian apparently loves these Flat Tummy lollipops. But a lollipop that leads to weightloss? That’s a pretty steep claim.

And here’s the thing about appetite suppression: it’s not healthy. Being hungry is your body telling you it needs energy + nutrients from FOOD.

Besides, these lollipops are just like the Kardashian-crazed Sugar Bear Hair gummies. Even though these treats may contain ingredients you need to curb cravings + grow your hair, all the sugar in these little guys can cause major breakouts. And we know that sugar turns to fat inside your body. So, you’re simply way better off taking REAL supplements + eating healthy food.

✖️ Colonics + Enemas

Ohhh, Shannon Beador is gonna be upset about this one!

And just like Shannon Beador, if you’re into colonics + enemas, you’re INto them. You swear by them to detox your body. But here’s the issue: you already have things inside your body that remove all those unwanted toxins. It’s called your urine, stool, kidneys + liver. And many gastronologists will tell you that the colon doesn’t need any help doing its job. Moreover, many doctors believe colonics + enemas are not medically necessary + could lead to problems like electrolyte imbalances.

✖️ Juice Cleanses

Oh the beloved juice cleanse. I was never a fan because I knew if I tried this ever-so-popular cleanse, I’d be a bitch on wheels. Like, literally. I wouldn’t even have energy to walk around, so I’d have to strap roller skates to my feet.

Besides the lack of energy + major possibility for headaches + hunger pains, the benefits of a juice cleanse are not clinically backed, nor are they long lasting. These types of cleanses could also lead to kidney problems down the road.

For all these reasons, juice cleanses have been losing steam for quite awhile now + are expected to derail even more this year.


Have you babes tried any of these fads? Now I am not a doctor, so some of you might have seen good results with these health trends but overall…

SURVEY SAYS: thank you next.

Here’s to keeping it healthy the good ole fashioned ways, like eating well + exercising. And maybe intermittent fasting X

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