5 Beauty Products to Swap Right Now.


Do you ever watch Hoarders? It used to be my favorite show. But honestly it probably had something to do with the familiar fact that my bathroom looked like it was straight out of one of the episodes I loved so much.

They say it’s not hoarding if it’s skincare, but really… it’s a million times more cost effective to invest in a few beauty items you KNOW will work + you know you’ll love.

And since 2019 is all about getting back to basics in the beauty industry (think more streamlined routines), I thought it’d be beneficial to talk about the products you can REPLACE with more efficient ones.

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Make way for that 2019 newness:

✖️ Body Mists

The 90’s are back but the mists are NOT. All those fake fragrances for girls on the go + they don’t even clean your skin! (Learn why synthetic fragrance is so toxic for you here) No offense Bath + Body Works, but 2019 babes need an all over mist that will do more than just mask a post workout scent between that sweaty yoga class + quick grocery shopping sesh.


Cleansing mists! These body sprays pull double duty by pampering you with a fresh scent while actually cleaning your skin at the same time for an instant refresh. LOVE a good multitasker — Yes please!


✖️ Basic Conditioners

To maintain the healthiest of locks, it’s recommended to wash your hair every 3-4 days. So really, do you even need a conditioner? Well, the answer is… no.


Hair Masks! You’ve heard me preach before about these thirsty strand saviors. I usually wear my hair mask overnight, then wash it out in the morning. But you can also leave your mask in for 15-30 minutes, then shampoo right after. Either way, your hair (especially if color treated) will be thanking you!


✖️ Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are officially a thing of the past! Not only do they usually slack in the eye makeup department, but wipes can also be chock full of trash ingredients AND they’re definitely bad for the environment. Unless they’re biodegradable, every wipe you throw away goes to the landfill… + just sits there.


Makeup mitts! These non-toxic, cloth mitts cleanse your face just like those wipes we used to use, but instead of throwing them in the garbage, you throw them right into your laundry!! Then, you reuse them again + again + again. Not only are you saving the environment one face wash at a time, but you’re also saving yourself money AND your skin is getting a little exfoliation from the cloth fibers while you gently scrub.


✖️ Face Scrubs

Speaking of exfoliation + scrubbing, it’s time to toss those face scrubs you’ve been loyal to since middle school! They probably contain microbeads, which are horrible for the environment. Those little plastic beads (that wash down your sink + runoff into the ocean) are also NOT doing your skin any favors. Microbeads can be uber harsh on your skin + now, it’s actually illegal to use them. However, some facets of this Microbead-Free Waters Act were just recently passed, so microbeaded scrubs could still be circulating. If you have em, toss em!


Rice Exfoliants! Rice is gentle enough for your face but still rough enough to remove dead skin cells, especially with the help of chickpea flour to buff + lactic acid to midly slough off those flakes. All ingredients that are found in nature! And this dermafoliant is a holy grail one since you can mix it with anything to apply — your face wash, a mask, or just water!


✖️ Old Fashioned SPF’s

Sunscreens made with oxybenzone are a big NO NO, as it’s one of the biggest reasons for the deterioration of our world’s coral reefs. Seems crazy, but every time you wear spf + dip into the ocean, that spf + all those chemicals wash right off + coat everything around you, eventually making their way onto the ocean floor + severely hurting our poor reefs. Coral reefs, by the way, are the foundation of life for all living things. So this is serious!


Healthy SPFs! These modern day sunblocks are made with non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm our coral reefs. And don’t worry, these new-aged SPF’s won't leave you looking like that guy with the caked-on white nose on that one ski slope, either. Many of them also block blue light — MAJOR — which is more damaging to your skin than UVA + UVB rays combined. (learn more here) These 2 features are NOW the 2 heavy weight qualifiers in the SPF ring.


Let me know if you try any of these products, babes! I’m a big fan of anything that’s better for our environment + for YOU. And being less of a hoarder is always a win win. Especially for whomever you share your bathroom with lol!! So clear out those cabinets + get ready for that glow up!!

New year, better stuff, better you. X

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